Friday, May 28, 2010

Crispy or Wobbly???

My family has an unhealthy love of my family the only one????? I try not to make it too much, maybe once a month.

Whenever I make the greasy meat my family is sure to fight over how many pieces they get. Tonight was no exception!

My hubby decided that we need to make 2 packages; but I put my foot down on that one. "No way am I gonna teach my kids such unhealthy food habits. You can't just sit down to a plate of bacon and eat it. That is a clogged artery waiting to explode! What kind of parenting would that be?!" I think I may have won that battle for know...but my baby boy is gonna turn in to a teenage boy and I may have to give in or I may have a coup on my hands. I will fight it for as long as I can.... I feel like the bacon police.

Here is some of the conversation about bacon tonight....

So my oldest shared tonight that she was going to eat her bacon in tiny bites so she could enjoy flavor. My first grader then replied, "Well, you would not have to do that if you had copious amounts of it!" Hahahaha what 7 year old uses the word copious correctly!!!!!

Dad asked why my oldest even wanted any.... he thought she didn't like it. She then told us that she never had wobbly before. (my hubby likes his bacon crispy) She then told of her love of the fatty parts....UGH!

They then talked about...."What if we were made of bacon?!" My hubby then told us that he would only eat his hair because it would grow back. If you ate your finger or ear it wouldn't grow back; so you could have bacon forever if you ate your hair! UGH! My family is weird!!!!! I think everything in pictures and this is what I saw in my head....he is gonna kill me!

I think I am gonna have bacon nightmares tonight. Maybe I should ban bacon from the house; because of this unhealthy love affair with the pork slab.

I gonna go have a blood clot now.....

It is sad I just wrote a whole blog dedicated to a piece of meat...just sad!

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  1. LOLOLOLOL!!!!! look at that picture. you are hilarious. we love bacon too. Elayna especially. when I'm making it she starts saying, "Bacon, BAcon, Bacon!!!!"



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