Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Me Monday - What Is Worse than Mosquitoes?

My daughter would not come to talk to me at 10 pm Wednesday night and inform me that her head has been really itchy for the last several WEEKS! I would not then ask her why she waited so long to tell me. She would not then reply, " I kept forgetting!"

I would not then discover something far worse than misquitos....LICE!

I would not spend the next several days in combat with this wretched Phthiraptera!

I would never be jealous of my husband's shaved head. I would not have to treat everyone except him....grrrrrr!

I would never pray to God that Harold Camping was right on Friday. I would not be totally up for the end of the world just to avoid being buried in laundry and never ending cleaning.

I would not still be washing four days later and probably won't be done for two more.

My kitchen would not have at least 9 garbage bags of linens and things still waiting to be washed...Nope Not This MOM!
My couch would not become clean laundry central. I would not have piles and piles on it right now as I write this blog.... I would never let that happen.

I would not pick through my oldest daughter's hair for three hours. I would not do two treatments on her an all natural one and then a store bought one. I would not have to call her three friends moms and tell them the news and apologize profusely.

I would not then just shave off my son's adorable hair to avoid a temper tantrum beyond what this poor mom could handle. He cried like I was doing the worse thing to him the world while shaving his head. I would not think he still looks adorable with the big brown eyes....I would never be that drastic Not Me!

I would not cut off 10 inches off of this girl's head to avoid torturous screaming and crying as I picked through her hair....No, not this mama! I would not kind of make a mistake when I cut her hair and cut it way to short. I would not panic. I would not pretend to be a hairdresser and fix it. I would not sorta succeed because I would be far too embarrassed to take her to a real hair dresser and say could you fix this. I would then not have someone at church compliment my haircutting skills and say they would come to me for a hair cut hahahahahaha that would never happen. And of course my daughter would not like her new do... no way, not her!

My dear sweet hubby did not buy me beautiful red roses to help me feel a better during all this. He is not that sweet...not my hubby!

I would not be still scratching my head like crazy...Nope Not Me!

Argh...Lice...does not give me joy. But me killing lice totally helps me....


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Christmas Items for 2011!

It is hard to believe that there is only 67 shopping days until Christmas! Now, some of you may think it is a little early to be shopping; but I say,"No Way!" I like to start early to find those great deals. I love that my girl's lists are much shorter this year. Hahahaha they are shorter because I told them that last year lists were ridiculous.

So, here we go...the lists for 2011!

My 11 year old
She is my super crafty kid as you will be able to tell by her list. I think I may have to hit Hobby Lobby on black Friday this year to find her Christmas gifts.

1. Duct Tape & Boxes

2. Yarn

(For the next four, we got this cool catalog in the mail the other day. It has very cool toys and gifts.

3. Shooting Stars in My Room

4. Rainbow in My Ro

5. Friends Forever Bracelet

6. Kit Pottery Wheel

7. DS Games
- Super Mario 64 for Nintendo DS, Super Princess Peach for Nintendo DS

8. DS Skin
9. DS screen protectors

10. Red/ Orange Digital Camera

My 8 year old
My little girl is growing up; but not totally yet....thank goodness. They are both done with American girl( sigh and a tear); but my young sweetie is still hanging on to her Barbie for dear life.

1. Barbie : Princess Charm School Barbie Doll

2. Barbie clothes
- Barbie Fashion Sweet Wardrobe - Cheerleader Fun; Barbie Fashion
Sweet Wardrobe - Cheerleader Fun; Exclusive Barbie KidPicks Fashion Assortment with
Barbie Doll - Shopping Fun

3. DS Games:
Phineas & Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension, Barbie Groom and Glam for Pups, Horse
Academy 2, Style Lab Fashion Design

4. Scooter
(she is tired of using her sisters) - Razor Wild Style Kick Scooter - Pink

5. Pink Digital Camera

My 3 year old
My little guys is all about Cars, Toy Story, Thomas and Batman. His all time favorite stuff is Cars! We are pretty excited about the new movie coming out; because that means we can add some variety to our "CARS" viewing!!!! Whoo HOOO! I have only seen the movie like 1,000,000 times... Seriously! Thanks Pixar for making a sequel; which I liked because it was so unlike the first.

1. Cars 2 Movie

2. Cars
Sleeping Bag

3. Computer - Toy Story

4. Scooter - Toy Story or Cars

5. Car
- Power Wheels Fisher-Price Super 6 Ride On - Disney Pixar Cars the Movie - Lightning McQueen
Christmas is so much fun and always helps me....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall in My Town!

We decided to go for a fall ride the other day and take some fun pictures (check out my photo shoot here). I love, love, love fall and here is why I enjoy it so much...

yummy crisp Michigan apples,
cool breezes down by the riverfront,
our quaint downtown,
the last of the flowers before the cold,
and of course the changing color of the leaves!

Fall is my favorite season and it always helps me....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo Shoot 2011

I am trying to be thrifty and so instead of ordering single pose boring school pictures that I would most likely be unhappy with and want to return...I took my own. I figured since I had this fancy shmancy new camera, I would give it a shot. So, here are my top 15 photos out of like over a hundred....and yes you are welcome that I did not bore you with all of them.

Oh and even though the pictures look so peaceful and loving....think again. There was plenty of fighting, crying, eye rolling, 3 year old un-cooperation, "Spit the apple out...cause you can't smile with a chunk in your cheek", "How many times do I have to tell you to spit the apple out, more crying, 3 year old bad attitudes, "Only a few more pictures...I promise", begging, pleading and "Mom, can we go home now!' good times. Ahahahahaha!

Too cute for words #15-14
Favorite sister shots #13-10
My favorite head shots #9-7
My favorite top 3 head that makes them #6-#4 in
(see my boy was about the only time)

(This is probably the only time he actually wanted his picture taken)
Coming in at #2
(several apples found themselves floating down river today)
#1 most favorite shot of the day!
(this took several and I mean several tries)

Ooo cool fall days and my kids definitely help me....