Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today Is My Birthday!

I had a great birthday, today!  I got to watch Downton Abby, eat a lot of really great food, and hang out with my beautiful family all day!  We also celebrate my daughter's and my mom's birthday!

I woke up to these beautiful flowers.
We went to this awesome place to eat, 
Vinsetta Garage in Berkley, Michigan!

The kids liked it there too!

The food was awesome!  And our waiter, George, was fantastic!

There were plenty of wonderful presents.
I ended the night having a wonderful date with my hubby at T.G.I.F's and strolling through Hobby Lobby.  And then to end the evening, a little more Downton!

I am blessed!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

My daughter wanted to have a "Movie Theater" themed birthday.  So, I went to work putting all the plans together.  

We sent out movie tickets for invitations and the decorations went up.
Thanks to pinterest for the idea of using plastic red table clothes for curtians.
I bought red material for the red carpet. 

I printed our favorite movie posters and hung them in the hall.

The concession stand was set.
I had the girls pay for their concessions in high fives, jokes, being silly, and fun things like that. 

I found cute plates and napkins at a look party supply store. 
These are probably the things I spent the most money on LOL!

Yummy food was prepared.
For the concessions, we had pretzels, nachos & cheese, pizza,
popcorn, candy, and cake & ice cream.

The cake was made.
I found on google images a cute bucket of popcorn cake, too cute !

We sang "Happy Birthday"!

We opened gifts.

She loved playing with her friends.
They stayed up and watched movie
and played the rest of the time!

And they got these when they went home.  Thanks target for your dollar spot for the cute popcorn containers. 
I filled them with a box of candy and a can of silly string. 

What a great time had by all!

Love ya, girl!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Today, She Is Double Digits!

My daughter turned 10 years old today!  I can hardly believe how her years are flying by.  It is true, you blink and they are grown up.  I actually had a hard time last night about her no longer being nine....sad I know.

I like this girl so much.  She is fun, witty, smart, has the best laugh ever...really she does, and is a beautiful girl.  I am so blessed that I actually get to be this girl's mom.  God must really love me to give her to me. 

So, we celebrated and PARTIED!  We had an awesome sleepover party with her friends, which I will post about tomorrow. 

But today...

She opened her presents.

Tried on her new outfit.

Ate the yummy dinner she requested BBQ pulled pork sandwich, waffle fries, and peaches.

And blew out her candles!

I love this girl soooooo much.  These past 10 years has been wonderful.  I am so excited to journey with her through the rest of her precious growing up years.  Even though I wish I could keep her nine forever.  

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Frozen North

We got dumped on with snow last week.  So...instead of hating all this frozen white stuff, we decided to enjoy it!
Coloring the Snow!
(I put some food coloring in some spray bottles to color the snow! She really liked that.)

Throwing the snow!

Eating the Snow!

Throwing the snow some more!

Thinking about how far I can throw the snow!

Watching his sisters throw the snow at his 2nd floor bedroom window. 

Making snow balls and getting them in the face!

Loving some time in the cold snow on a sunny day!