Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday's Walk ~ Of Weddings and Things!

Yesterday was our 14th anniversary! We celebrated by going out on a long date (1-8p.m whoo hoo) with no kids! We saw a movie, shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding on Friday and dinner. We had such a wonderful time. I love him so much.

For today's walk down memory lane, I decided to open up one of my wedding albums and let your peruse through my pictures of my wedding day. It was a perfect summer day. I loved every moment of my day. That July afternoon, I married the love of my life. I am so thankful God gave him to me. You can read more about us here in this post.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Getting Ready

Check out my hubby's socks.....

The "I Do's"

The Happy Parents!

A Kiss!

The Wedding Party

The Reception

The Cake

Our Getaway Car!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Freeing the Fat Friday" Ugh Summer Vacation

This week has been rough! Yikes! I have been at a camp with my husband working with teenagers all week. They serve your every meal and I couldn't prepare my own foods, Yikes Again! I don't think I kept it at 1,200 calorie a day. In fact....I know I did not! I think I need to study up on how many calories are in everything. But I did do some things differently.....

Meals for the Week!


I tried to eat oatmeal sweetened with Splenda, every morning. Yesterday, I did have two pancakes, 1 sausage and used sugar free syrup. I never noticed the sugar free stuff they offered before....silly me.


For lunch, I tried to keep my meal small. They served enough food to fill every part of the tray. I did not do that. I tried to pick a fruit or veggie to go along with the main entree. There was not much as far as "Fresh" foods go. : (


Dinner was kind of the same as lunch. I just tried to eat smaller portions. I will admit that I did eat some high calorie foods through out the week. I am beginning to see what my true pitfalls are and that actually I can overcome the temptation to pig out and eat not so good things.


Now, they had snack shop every afternoon and late in the evening. I was able to get the sugar free ice cream, which in my opinion was really good. Apple pie vanilla ice cream with pie crust chunks and apples in it, Yum!

They have the best cheeseburgers on the planet. Last, year I ate a cheeseburger every night after service.... I had ate dinner too.....errr wrong choice! I did not get anything in the evening this year which was rough, until the last night. I only ate a small salad for dinner and ate the world's best cheeseburger that evening. I am not going to let those delicious burgers control me ever again...they ended up not as great as I remembered this year. Even in my picture, it doesn't look all that great. Maybe, just maybe something is really changing in me. I think that maybe more true...more than I even know. I think God is keeping His promise and helping me through this.


Exercise had to be put on the back burner this week. Our schedule was crazy and I could not get the time to do it. Next, week I am going to tackle this area hard and get my feet moving.

God's Lesson for Me!

During the week, I watched a Veggie Tale called, "Larry Boy and the Bad Apple" with my kids. It is a lesson on fighting temptation and what a timely message for me. It is always funny to me how God uses the simplest of things to remind me of what He is trying to say. In the movie Larry learns about moderation. See Larry loves chocolate a little (okay a lot) too much (much like me)! He has to learn that he doesn't need the chocolate in vast amounts. He has to learn that word, "Moderation". My daughter asked me what that word meant. I described it to her and was reminded that I need to be an example of that to her with the food that I eat.

Food's Favorite Friends!

Sugar Free Ice Cream sure helps the summer be a little sweeter!

Life Change Challenge
Stop eating mindlessly! I can't tell you how many times I eat stuff off of my kid’s plates when they are done. I am going to stop doing that....I need to just put it in the trash A.S.A.P!

Next Week!

EXERCISE 6 days and go back to a 1,200 menu!

Taking one week at a time and I will...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Freeing the Fat Friday! Not a Diet!

I am finishing up my two week goals, changing my menu and exercising. It went pretty well. I followed the menu exactly...except for one bit of pizza. I squeezed some exercise in as well....not as much as I should have I am afraid. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the results.

Now, I want to make something very clear...I am NOT on a diet. I am in the process of a life change. I have been physically sick and tired. I can not keep moving in the direction I was heading. Now portions of this "Life Change" may seem like a diet; but its purpose is to get me healthy once again. (I will share more of my feelings about this on another Friday in the future. )

God's Lesson for Me!

One of my favorite verses is

Philippians 4:13 (New International Version)
13I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Thanks Leslie for encouraging me with this verse just recently. On one of my walks, God shared with me that He will help me if I do my part. The neat thing is about this verse is that I have to start the "DOing". This verse does not say, " I can sit on the couch and eat pizza all day through Him who gives me strength." Now of course I could choose to do that it would be yummy but you would have to hire a fork lift to get me out of my house someday.

But He has so much more for us. This verse is more about God giving us the strength to do His will and be content with what He has in store for us. It means I have to get up off the couch and do something and He will be faithful with His promise to give us the strength to do it. I can only find contentment and joy in this life change with God's strength; but it requires action on my part.

Check out this post for more thoughts on this verse.

Reality's Ups and Downs

Well of course eating healthy doesn't taste as great as chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone or a greasy everything is an adjustment. There are times that my tummy growls at me and I want to fill it with something a little more yummy than a carrot.

Exercising is not something I have the motivation to do until I actually start doing it. It maybe the hardest adjustment to this whole life change. I have had far too many excuses for far to long that keeps me sitting on the couch. It is biggest challenge for me...even more than the eating thing.

I am amazed that the food still tastes pretty good. I am also amazed how many times I am not hungry after a meal. I have realized, that with me, it wasn't how much I was eating; but what I was eating that was the problem. I had some big offenders like juice, milk and carbs. I was drinking my calories! I am definitely learning my food mistakes.

I am feeling a lot better physically. I was surprised how quickly I noticed a difference. I thought it would take a few weeks for my stomach to feel good again. This has been a shocking happy surprise!

Meals for Today:


Warm, yummy oatmeal just makes you feel snug as bug in a rug. I curled up under my quilt and enjoyed my bowl of oatmeal with raisin, almonds, splenda, splash of milk and sprinkle of pure vanilla. I have never had my oatmeal like that and it will be something I have again...YUM!


Pizza, Pizza, Pizza...Yeah!
English muffin + Tomatoe sauce + Broccolli + Lowfat Cheese = YUM!


I could not believe that at my grocery store was sitting one package of lamb...just for me. Ha I was simply amazed, I have never ever ever seen it there before and there it was one might as well of had my name written all over it. I honestly thought I was going to have to change my meat for this meal. I will probably never buy it again it was a little pricey for so little. But I love another Yeah for me!!!!!!!

Awesome! A peach shake was on the menu. 1 peach, ice and 1 cup of skim milk...add a little splenda and it was really good. Your kids will love this drink for sure.

Didn't get any in today...I got a headache coming on. Ugh!

Pure Vanilla Extract, Salsa, Lime, Haagen Dazs Vanilla Low Fat Yogurt, Garlic and Splenda!

Life Change Challenge:

I have decide that since this life change is not about how I look on the outside but more about being healthy; I am going to make a bold move. Starting today, I am not going to step on a scale to weigh myself until I go to my physical Sept. 8th.

Now, some of you maybe thinking, "That is crazy, how can you see if you are making progress?" For me, I have to make sure that I keep my mind focused on the "God Issues" going on inside of me. This has to be about glorifying God with my habits and my physical temple not vanity. Now, I am already a week into this and I feel the benefits of this low calorie/ low fat diet (which I will write about next week). I am excited about what God is going to do!

Next week:

I forgot we are going to be working at Youth Camp! Yikes they prepare all our meals there. This is going to be interesting. I will not be able to follow the menu my doctor gave me. I have to figure out how to eat... I think I am taking some of my food friends and some extra food with me. Thank goodness they have a fridge there. I can't wait to read about the outcome next week! Hahahahaha Remember, I can do ALLLLL things through Him who gives me strength...that means even avoiding the snack shop! Praise GOD!

Even with my food, I am choosing to...

Oh, be sure to pick up my button on the side bar, thanks Jenilee. Please, feel free to share my blog with friends who might be going through the same life change. I would love to be an encouragement to them. ~Blessings!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freeing the Fat~ Week 2, Day 5


I cheated...yes I am willing to admit it...I cheated today. I had a bite of my son's pizza. It was rough and I did take I bite. LOL I don't think it will not ruin anything though. : )

So another new favorite is a lime. It sure does make water taste better. Thanks to my sister for directing me towards this cute little fruit. It has a fun taste. Try it instead of a lemon some time!

Here are my meals today....

This was a good meal. Light whole wheat toast with light margarine. A yummy orange was also on the menu. That egg was suppose to be sunny side up...well it just turned into all messed up. Slap a little dollop of salsa on it and it looks great!

Oooooooo doesn't my lunch look pretty?! There were a few sad things about this dish. No mayo in my tuna, so I chopped up a pickle to help. I think I really would have liked the fattening ranch for this. But the non-fat ranch will just have to do. I liked the look and ease of this dish.


Hahaha this one made me laugh. I felt like I was in daycare working again. This looks like a snack I would give to my kids back then. Don't get me was good. I love animal crackers. I use to get a big bag to have in my dorm room at CBC. I knew they were low fat and low calories...and back then I was avoiding the freshman 15! LOL I love that I could only have 8...only 8! Count them there are only 8. I also love that I can only identify (for certain) 5 of the animal shapes. How many can you??????


Was good..but I unfortunately did test the noodles before I put them on my plate and they were a little undercooked; but over all a good. I think I would add another clove of garlic to this one for some more flavor. Oh and by the way I love a big YEAH for this dish.

I sautéed garlic and leftover red peppers from lunch, then I added 4 oz of shrimp. Add one cup of crushed tomatoes. I added oregano too. When finished cookin dump it over one cup of whole wheat noodles. This was very easy to make and once again too much for me to finish.


On our bike ride the baby trailer totally blew a tire. I think I filled it up with too much air. It was pretty loud. Some people passing us by at the time even commented about it. hahahaha Oh and it started at the beginning of our ride but too far into it to go back home. Work those muscles them. It was a great evening to ride bikes; it was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freeing the Fat ~ Week 2, Day 4


So today's meals were what I would call rather ordinary. They were good, but nothing too fancy....not like yesterday that is for sure!

For breakfast I had French Toast. It was good. I have a new friend, Splenda! I put two little packets in with my egg mix and 1/8 of teaspoon of pure vanilla. I really enjoyed it. I put my snack with it, raspberries. Yummy!

I got my excerise in today. I took my kids on a long bike ride. We stopped half way and had a picnic lunch. Turkey sandwich and banana was what I had. It was hot today and I think the ride back nearly killed me. I was pulling my son behind me...whewwww it was rough.

Dinner was fairly tasty. Chicken, green peppers, onion and brown rice. I added 1 garlic clove and it made it all the better. Oh, it was supposed to be veal loin but all I could find in my grocery stores was breaded veal. I don't think that was gonna work so I traded it for chicken.

I think I am gonna make it this week; but the smell of garlic and onion may kill my hubby! : )

Wednesday Walk ~ Sofa Sleeper Surprise!

I was a pretty good kid and never really got into trouble. Because of that, I don't have very many stories to tell of me as a kid. But I do have a few goodies of my childhood life and here is my makes me laugh to this day.

I was having a sleepover with me BFF, Colette. Whenever we had friends over my mom would let us sleep in the living room on the Sofa sleeper....that was just the most fun. Sad I know, it is the little things that can entertain a kid...isn't that the truth!

So as usual Colette and I got to sleep downstairs in the living room. In the morning, while my parents were still sleeping, we played a game with the bed. We played this game a lot unbeknownst to my dear parents. We would try to fold each other up in the bed and see how far we could get without folding it all the way. I am telling you, I am laughing as I write this.

This particular morning, I was folding my dear friend Colette. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Colette was a lot taller than I was and I just couldn't hang onto the bar. It slipped through my fingers and wahboom.... she got folded all the way into the couch. There she was a big lump in the couch. I was laughing and crying all at the same time while desperately trying to pull her out; but the whole fiasco bent the stupid bar. She was trapped and I was realizing she needed air.

I can only imagine what was going on in her head. I will have to ask her some time. hahahahah

Let me tell you, I did not want to go upstairs and tell my mom. I crept up the stairs, crawled up to the side of my mom's bed and very gently tapped her to wake her. I then began to tell her what I did and she was like "YOU DID WHAT". She came downstairs and we were able to rescue my best friend.

I don't think I got in trouble, partly because it was just too funny.

So there is my walk down memory lane today! Hahahahaha!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Freeing the Fat" ~ Week 2, Day 3


Measuring, measuring and more measuring is what I have been doing for all my meals. I have never measured so much in my life! So in honor of all this measuring I found a fun song for you and your kids to learn this summer. Go to the link to hear half of will get the idea to be able to sing the rest. hahahahaha

"Lemonade Stand" lyrics

How much lemonade can the animals drink?
At the lemonade stand in the crazy jungle
Pint, cup, tablespoon, teaspoon
You will learn the difference soon
Cuz a monkey drinks more than a mouse
In the jungle.

The Sun came up and the jungle was getting hot
A mouse knew a teaspoon of lemonade would hit the spot
Then a toad hopped by and croaked a tune
"I'm bigger than a mouse; I can drink a tablespoon"
Three teaspoons to make a tablespoon... in the jungle

The mouse and the toad were sitting on a piece of wood
And the little bit of lemonade was tasting very good
Then a toucan flew by and said, "What's up?"
"I need a lot more may I please have a cup"
16 tablespoons to make one cup
3 teaspoons to make a tablespoon... in the jungle

But the day was young and there was more to drink
Wasting lemonade would really, really stink
Then a monkey dropped in from out of sight
"I'm twice as big and I need a pint."
It takes 2 cups to make one pint
16 tablespoons to make one cup
3 teaspoons to make a tablespoon... in the jungle

How much lemonade can the animals drink?
At the lemonade stand in the crazy jungle
Barrel, gallon, quart and pint
They all want a different size
Cause a hippo drinks more than a mouse
...In the jungle.

Well after the monkey had ordered himself one pint
A growl from the bushes gave him quite a fright
A tiger jumped through and said with a snort
"I'm twice as big and I can drink a quart"
Cuz it takes 2 pints to make one quart,
Takes 2 cups to make one pint,
16 tablespoons to make one cup,
3 teaspoons to make a tablespoon... in the jungle

While the monkey hanged in a tree with his pint (which had spilled)
And the tiger enjoyed his quart, which didn't seem right
A hippo came by whose name was Allan
"I'm 4 times as big and can drink a gallon"
Cuz it takes 4 quarts to make one gallon,
Takes 2 pints to make one quart,
Takes 2 cups to make one pint,
16 tablespoons to make one cup,
3 teaspoons to make a tablespoon... in the jungle

A monkey with a pint and a tiger with a quart, what a sight!
And hippo with a gallon and a sound coming from the right
Here comes the elephant, his name is Darrel
"I'm really thirsty, please give me a barrel"
That's 42 gallons to make one barrel,
Takes 4 quarts to make one gallon,
Takes 2 pints to make one quart,
Takes 2 cups to make one pint,
16 tablespoons to make one cup,
3 teaspoons to make a tablespoon... in the jungle, or the city, or the desert or the moon.

Hey, Mr. Elephant, how many teaspoons are there in a barrel?

Hahahaha I would not want to count out all those teaspoons. I looked it up....32,256 tsp. Lemonade sounds good. I think I will try to make some with Splenda some time.

So, breakfast was good today. It was simple and maybe a little more along what I would eat normally. But, I ain't gonna was rougher as far as hunger goes. I am craving some serious chocolate.....

But let's think about other things, like how fantastic my lunch was. I love tuna so this dish was right up my alley. The recipe called for tuna, a teaspoon of REAL Mayo (Yeah), green onion, mustard ( this really gave it some great flavor...I didn't think it would but it did) and celery (I didn't add this cause I like celery all by itself ..not in my food, it wrecks it...blahk). I sprinkled dill weed on top... I love dill weed...yeah my chicken salad looks more like, "Do you want to add some more chicken to go with that dill weed salad." hahaha!

I was suppose to eat a whole green pepper but they are not my fav and I could only eat half. And a not so happy out come is that green pepper keeps trying to come back up....yuck! But, I am a firm believer that you can learn to like food. My hubby completely disagrees; I just think it is an excuse for him to not try hahahaha. I am determined to prove him wrong, because he is hardly ever wrong. : )

NOW FOR THE DINNER .....TADAAAAAAAA! Imagine pixie dust flying everywhere!

I know why I was feeling all hungry was because what I was eating for dinner. They were saving up all those calories and fat for one fantastic meal. For dinner I cooked sirloin steak, garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. I got to use real butter!

Now for some heaven sent food...MY SNACK ( imagine I am singing that in a glorious majestic voice)! Praise the Good Lord Jesus for Haagen Dazs....He is so good to me. May he continually bless Haagen Dazs for their marvelous treat for me. It was like eating regular ice cream but less than 180 calories and less than 2.5 grams of fat. The Lord knew what I needed! Oooo it was on sale too...alllll good!

1/3 cup of frozen yogurt and strawberries!!!!


Got to know what 8 glasses of water will do to you LOL.......