Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Freeing the Fat Friday" Ugh Summer Vacation

This week has been rough! Yikes! I have been at a camp with my husband working with teenagers all week. They serve your every meal and I couldn't prepare my own foods, Yikes Again! I don't think I kept it at 1,200 calorie a day. In fact....I know I did not! I think I need to study up on how many calories are in everything. But I did do some things differently.....

Meals for the Week!


I tried to eat oatmeal sweetened with Splenda, every morning. Yesterday, I did have two pancakes, 1 sausage and used sugar free syrup. I never noticed the sugar free stuff they offered before....silly me.


For lunch, I tried to keep my meal small. They served enough food to fill every part of the tray. I did not do that. I tried to pick a fruit or veggie to go along with the main entree. There was not much as far as "Fresh" foods go. : (


Dinner was kind of the same as lunch. I just tried to eat smaller portions. I will admit that I did eat some high calorie foods through out the week. I am beginning to see what my true pitfalls are and that actually I can overcome the temptation to pig out and eat not so good things.


Now, they had snack shop every afternoon and late in the evening. I was able to get the sugar free ice cream, which in my opinion was really good. Apple pie vanilla ice cream with pie crust chunks and apples in it, Yum!

They have the best cheeseburgers on the planet. Last, year I ate a cheeseburger every night after service.... I had ate dinner too.....errr wrong choice! I did not get anything in the evening this year which was rough, until the last night. I only ate a small salad for dinner and ate the world's best cheeseburger that evening. I am not going to let those delicious burgers control me ever again...they ended up not as great as I remembered this year. Even in my picture, it doesn't look all that great. Maybe, just maybe something is really changing in me. I think that maybe more true...more than I even know. I think God is keeping His promise and helping me through this.


Exercise had to be put on the back burner this week. Our schedule was crazy and I could not get the time to do it. Next, week I am going to tackle this area hard and get my feet moving.

God's Lesson for Me!

During the week, I watched a Veggie Tale called, "Larry Boy and the Bad Apple" with my kids. It is a lesson on fighting temptation and what a timely message for me. It is always funny to me how God uses the simplest of things to remind me of what He is trying to say. In the movie Larry learns about moderation. See Larry loves chocolate a little (okay a lot) too much (much like me)! He has to learn that he doesn't need the chocolate in vast amounts. He has to learn that word, "Moderation". My daughter asked me what that word meant. I described it to her and was reminded that I need to be an example of that to her with the food that I eat.

Food's Favorite Friends!

Sugar Free Ice Cream sure helps the summer be a little sweeter!

Life Change Challenge
Stop eating mindlessly! I can't tell you how many times I eat stuff off of my kid’s plates when they are done. I am going to stop doing that....I need to just put it in the trash A.S.A.P!

Next Week!

EXERCISE 6 days and go back to a 1,200 menu!

Taking one week at a time and I will...

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  1. sounds like you are doing really well! I'm so proud of you! turning down snack shop at night is not easy... good hamburgers or not! :) when are you going to get me up to lost valley so I can spend a week there with you?? I would love to come up there! lol


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