Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freeing the Fat ~ Week 2, Day 4


So today's meals were what I would call rather ordinary. They were good, but nothing too fancy....not like yesterday that is for sure!

For breakfast I had French Toast. It was good. I have a new friend, Splenda! I put two little packets in with my egg mix and 1/8 of teaspoon of pure vanilla. I really enjoyed it. I put my snack with it, raspberries. Yummy!

I got my excerise in today. I took my kids on a long bike ride. We stopped half way and had a picnic lunch. Turkey sandwich and banana was what I had. It was hot today and I think the ride back nearly killed me. I was pulling my son behind me...whewwww it was rough.

Dinner was fairly tasty. Chicken, green peppers, onion and brown rice. I added 1 garlic clove and it made it all the better. Oh, it was supposed to be veal loin but all I could find in my grocery stores was breaded veal. I don't think that was gonna work so I traded it for chicken.

I think I am gonna make it this week; but the smell of garlic and onion may kill my hubby! : )

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