Thursday, December 10, 2009

12 Days of Christmas ~ 3 Children Decorating

On the third day of Christmas in our home you'll find 3 children decorating!

Now that I am a mom it is very clear why we is for the kids. LOL Well, most of you probably do it because you want to. I on the other hand find that I do it purely for the kids. They love it so much, just like how much I loved it when I was their age. When I am old and gray, I will be one of those old ladies that has a little fiber optic tree, manger scene to the left, and a wreath on my door...that's it....I know I am such a Christmas Scrooge. LOL

We have some traditions regarding the decorating of our tree as well. The girls and I put the tree together. I put the lights on. We each put up our own Christmas ornaments (check out our yearly ornaments for 2009) I then finish off the tree with my wood bead garland and bows. During all of this my hubby is making sure there is Christmas music playing. This year his job was also to keep our one year old from eating the fake pine needles sprinkled all over the floor. It leans a little to the left for some strange reason. All this makes for one fine "Kids" Christmas tree.

Oh, and yes that is a Bugs Bunny tree topper. John and I bought that the first year we were married. Bugs moves his lighted candle up and down and it has the most ridiculously loud motor. It sounds something like this WRRRrrrrrr WRRRrrrr WRRRrrr WRRRrrr. Every year when I pull it out of the box and plug it in, I secretly wish that this...just maybe... might be the year that this awful tree topper dies. Maybe, I will take my Red Ryder BB Gun to it. I will be just like Elmer Fudd..."Ooh, wait 'till I get that wabbit!" But, I would probably shoot my eye out!

I love Christmas time and watching my kids light up with joy decorating our home!

2 Pairs of Shoes

1 Holiday Ornament

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