Friday, December 18, 2009

12 Days of Christmas ~ 8 Days and Counting!

On the 8th day of Christmas in a little pocket you'll find...8 days and counting!

On of my favorite Christmas traditions' growing up was my mom's advent calendar she made. I loved picking out the cute little ornament out of the pocket and placing it on the tree. My sister and I would always fight over who would get to put the star up. I would also try and sneak my favorite felt ornaments into the pockets that were going to be mine.

My wonderful mother made me a replica for my children. They are just like me and my sister, it's really kind of funny. I never have to remind them to do it...they always make sure it gets done. Ilove the anticipation it brings for Christmas day!

I just love Christmas time....

Have you ever started doing something and it turned into something quite different? I had to make 3 dozen cookies for my daughters Christmas party and I thought to my self..."Since I am already making a mess I might as well make some more for presents"....

more than 16 dozen cookies later....I decided something is terribly wrong with me! I am considering making more this morning .....something is wrong with me.

7 songs for singing

6 musical tickets

5 golden pancakes

4 new little buildings

3 children decorating

2 pairs of shoes

1 holiday ornament

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  1. I love those peanut butter cookies with the hersheys kiss in the middle!! (i forget the name)


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