Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12 Days of Christmas ~ 1 Holiday Ornament

On the first day of Christmas my family must each pick 1 holiday ornament...
Every year John, the kids and I pick out an ornament. Sometimes, it is a theme from the year for me but for the kids it is whatever they like in the moment.

We try to go to Bronner's in Frankenmuth, MI to find that perfect ornament for our tree. It is the most Christmassy (can that be a word? LOL ) place on the planet...I to the North Pole. My oldest has the hardest time picking one out. We have to go through the whole store before she decides on the perfect one. It is usually something very unexpected. My other daughter usually picks one out in the first few minutes and there is no changing her mind. My baby seems to like Elmo this that is what we went with. John usually gets something sports or penguin(LOL not sure why) related. I usually get a bulb or something that represents something we did that year.

So....drum roll are the 2009 selections for the Johnson's Christmas tree....
Baby's pick...

Youngest daughter's is her birthstone and an angel. She found this pretty much by the front door and I had to make sure nothing happened to it for the next hour and a half, Ugh. (sorry about the picture it is the best my little camera could do with this one)

I have no idea why my oldest picked this one. I think it was out of desperation because we had to give her a time limit. I mean good grief ...we had been there and hour and a half and she had no idea what to pick. She just kept saying that it was to hard to decide, typical of this child

My husbands very typical pick...something to do with sports and his favorite team.

And my not so typical pick.... a decorated palm honor of my trip to Jamaica this year. Loved it and had to have it!

I hope you enjoyed the Johnson's family tradition of picking out an ornament. It is one of our favorite things to do. The next 11 blogs should be very interesting how I fit them into the 12 days of Christmas thing....I haven't really thought it out very may be in for a good laugh at my expense. LOL
I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!


  1. I get an ornament for my kids every year so that when they have a home of their own they will have ornaments. when I gave my son his this hear he said, "mom, do you think my future wife will want all these lame ornamnents???"

    HA. They are not lame. They ususally are something that commemorates and event or something that screams who they are.

    AND I LOVE the candy ornament. How fun.

    I hope have a daughter in law who is sentimental. If not... well.. I will just keep having great ornaments!

  2. I love the ornaments! and your palm tree is so fun and what a great reminder of your trip. :) love you!

  3. I love the ornaments and espically your palm tree! How great to have that reminder! A small group of my friends and Lisa and I go every year to Bronners. I love that place. Cant wait to go this year!!

    (Yes, by the way this is Renee from the airport. After reading your blog i wanted to start my own!)

  4. What a fun tree that will be, with all of your special ornaments!


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