Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Days of Christmas ~ 9 Kinds of Candy

On the 12th day of Christmas for our gingerbread home we need...9 kinds of candy!

For the past 4 or 5 years we have built a gingerbread house. We go to our cute bulk food store and pick out some yummy candy and then the building begins. It is quite a process and takes a few hours for me but it is always fun for the kids.

I love how my kids think about things. I love what comes out of their mouths and what they do. My one daughter just couldn't get over the way the dough looked...she thought it looked like poo....I had to agree. My oldest couldn't even be in the room because she couldn't stand the smell of the molasses. My younger daughter always wants to be involved in the cooking process of anything. She reminds me of my sister and my friend Holly, she just loves baking and cooking. She is nothing like me, I can do without cooking.

Once it was cut out and cooked, then the building process began. This year for the first time, I had a roofing disaster! I have never had any problems in the building before; but this year nearly killed my love of gingerbread home making. I got a crack in the roof...which I knew was going to be trouble.

I tried fixing it many different ways....with a few little tricks up my sleeve...we got it to stay up. However, they are not allowed to eat it this year....well at least not the roof part. LOL

It turned out pretty cute! The girls love it and already have licked it several times.


8 days and counting

7 songs for singing

6 musical tickets

5 golden pancakes

4 new little buildings

3 children decorating

2 pairs of shoes

1 holiday ornament

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