Monday, December 7, 2009

12 Days of Christmas ~ 2 Pairs of Shoes

On the second day of Christmas you'll find some candy in two pairs of shoes.

I am all for new ideas and starting new/old traditions for the holidays. This past Thanksgiving my brother-in-law told me about one that they have started and I love it.

On Dec. 6th they celebrated Saint Nicholas Day, which is actually a very old tradition. They put candy in their children's shoes/socks. They also take the time to remember who Saint Nicholas really was and what he believed in.

Now, I never grew up believing in American version of Santa Claus. Don't freak out on me...don't worry I never felt deprived of my childhood. My children have never been taught to believe in him either. We have always celebrated Christ at Christmas.

But, I am all for teaching my children about the real St. Nicholas. I think he is a wonderful example of how all Christians need to be. He cared for the poor and did it secretly. He did not do it for his glory ...he gave out of love and compassion. He gave because of his love for Christ.

VeggieTales has a very good Christmas movie out this year.
Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving. My family loved it. I think you will enjoy it too. It is great because we all could learn a little about having a joyful heart during the hectic holiday season. This movie and my brother-in-law is the reason I am starting the new tradition in our home of celebrating St. Nicholas Day. It is a great reminder of who the real St. Nicholas is, giving and the perfect gift that was given to us through Jesus Christ.

I love using wonderful memories to teach deep truths to my children. Sure they will love the candy in their shoes. As they grow, they will have with them why we celebrated the day. Just as God gave to us we must also give to others with a joyful heart.

Love it!

All of you who are sad for my third child don't worry he will get some candy next year...he is just to little for it now. LOL

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  1. love it!

    one think we have always done, is in the advent calendar with pockets I have... or on a small christmas tree... I put one special thing we will do each day of Dec. to the 25th.

    It can be as simple as wrap gifts.... drink hot chocolate and sing Christmas songs... to making cookies... seeing a movie... I always bought a special christmas book we would read one night.... when I knew family was coming over I would do, "act out the Christmas story... my father in law makes a great donkey... the kids love riding on his back! he's so fun.... to candlelight dinner... etc.

    My daughter is 14 and still asks that I do that for her every year!


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