Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Days of Christmas ~ 11 Ugly Sweaters

On the 11th day of Christmas my family chose to wear...11 ugly sweaters!

So in honor of Christmas this year we decided that for our family Christmas party everybody had to support their local Goodwill and find the ugliest Christmas sweater they could find and wear it to our party! It was so fun to see what everybody was inspired to wear.

But the prize went to my cousin Daniel for wearing a red dickey over a white t-shirt with grey plaid pajama bottoms being held up by Christmas suspenders. It was almost too much to take...I was laughing so hard when he walked in the door!

Now to be completely honest there were more than 11 sweaters; but for the sake of my blog (and not cropping anyone out) I had to make it work. LOL Here is a picture of the whole group. It was a really great time and terribly hilarious! I love my family! Kudos to the other Dan for the idea!!!!

10 dancing tomte

9 kinds of candy

8 days and counting

7 songs for singing

6 musical tickets

5 golden pancakes

4 new little buildings

3 children decorating

2 pairs of shoes

1 holiday ornament

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