Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Me Monday - What Is Worse than Mosquitoes?

My daughter would not come to talk to me at 10 pm Wednesday night and inform me that her head has been really itchy for the last several WEEKS! I would not then ask her why she waited so long to tell me. She would not then reply, " I kept forgetting!"

I would not then discover something far worse than misquitos....LICE!

I would not spend the next several days in combat with this wretched Phthiraptera!

I would never be jealous of my husband's shaved head. I would not have to treat everyone except him....grrrrrr!

I would never pray to God that Harold Camping was right on Friday. I would not be totally up for the end of the world just to avoid being buried in laundry and never ending cleaning.

I would not still be washing four days later and probably won't be done for two more.

My kitchen would not have at least 9 garbage bags of linens and things still waiting to be washed...Nope Not This MOM!
My couch would not become clean laundry central. I would not have piles and piles on it right now as I write this blog.... I would never let that happen.

I would not pick through my oldest daughter's hair for three hours. I would not do two treatments on her an all natural one and then a store bought one. I would not have to call her three friends moms and tell them the news and apologize profusely.

I would not then just shave off my son's adorable hair to avoid a temper tantrum beyond what this poor mom could handle. He cried like I was doing the worse thing to him the world while shaving his head. I would not think he still looks adorable with the big brown eyes....I would never be that drastic Not Me!

I would not cut off 10 inches off of this girl's head to avoid torturous screaming and crying as I picked through her hair....No, not this mama! I would not kind of make a mistake when I cut her hair and cut it way to short. I would not panic. I would not pretend to be a hairdresser and fix it. I would not sorta succeed because I would be far too embarrassed to take her to a real hair dresser and say could you fix this. I would then not have someone at church compliment my haircutting skills and say they would come to me for a hair cut hahahahahaha that would never happen. And of course my daughter would not like her new do... no way, not her!

My dear sweet hubby did not buy me beautiful red roses to help me feel a better during all this. He is not that sweet...not my hubby!

I would not be still scratching my head like crazy...Nope Not Me!

Argh...Lice...does not give me joy. But me killing lice totally helps me....



  1. Oh no! I haven't seen a louse since Ashlyn was in pre-school. I think I could be totally happy never seeing another one again. Sorry for you having to deal with that. *hugs*

  2. uh oh. we have dodged this one so far... so sorry that you had to go through that!!!

  3. For all of these things that did not happen, the kids still have a sparkle in their eyes. It must be because they have a really great mom who gets them through the itchy things in life. Hope things get back to normal soon!

  4. Oh, Christina...I'm so sorry. I've not ever had to deal with it. But there always seems to be at least one "lice alert" letter sent home each year. I dread the day we have to deal with it.

    I'll give you some extra hugs next time I see you!!!!!


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