Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo Shoot 2011

I am trying to be thrifty and so instead of ordering single pose boring school pictures that I would most likely be unhappy with and want to return...I took my own. I figured since I had this fancy shmancy new camera, I would give it a shot. So, here are my top 15 photos out of like over a hundred....and yes you are welcome that I did not bore you with all of them.

Oh and even though the pictures look so peaceful and loving....think again. There was plenty of fighting, crying, eye rolling, 3 year old un-cooperation, "Spit the apple out...cause you can't smile with a chunk in your cheek", "How many times do I have to tell you to spit the apple out, more crying, 3 year old bad attitudes, "Only a few more pictures...I promise", begging, pleading and "Mom, can we go home now!' good times. Ahahahahaha!

Too cute for words #15-14
Favorite sister shots #13-10
My favorite head shots #9-7
My favorite top 3 head that makes them #6-#4 in
(see my boy was about the only time)

(This is probably the only time he actually wanted his picture taken)
Coming in at #2
(several apples found themselves floating down river today)
#1 most favorite shot of the day!
(this took several and I mean several tries)

Ooo cool fall days and my kids definitely help me....


  1. you are doing a great job with your photography!!! love the kids pictures. so, so cute.

  2. The photos are wonderful...and I am sure full of memories for you.


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