Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's Walk- Season of Prom

Okay so for this weeks post, I went into deep storage, the archives, storage bins long lost to find something really old. Yup, my formal pictures!

Now, I went to Christian schools my whole life so we didn't have Proms...but formals. Hehehehehe so take a stroll down memory lane with me today. You will notice that my husband was my date for almost every single one except my homecoming in '94. We were not dating at the time and there is a looooooonnnnngggg story that I will just have to share some other time.

I can't remember if we got a professional picture of our first homecoming and first date. I don't have them if I did. But this is the picture of my first formal dress ever, first date ever, first formal event ever....first kiss (on the cheek) later that evening....a night full of fun "Firsts"!
This is John's senior homecoming. It was in our school gym, it had a fun city theme. The song "Friends" by Michael W. Smith was sung too much at this banquet. Here is John's Jr/Sr Banquet. The guys rented a limo. It was a great time. But, I hate this dress. I really struggled looking for one and I settled. I hate it when I do that.

Now like I said earlier, John and I were broken up during my homecoming. Sadly, I can not find the professional pictures for this evening. They are probably at my moms. They are great pictures of a group of us and I love them. I hope I can find them. But, here is a picture of me and Zach. He was a good friend of mine. This dress is my favorite of all of them.

John and I are still not dating was a confusing time. Anyway, for this evening it was still a good time. Our dinner was on the top of the Pontchartrain in downtown Detroit.

This is our Jr./Sr. Formal at college! What cuties we were. Our formal was on the Branson Belle, riverboat.

Do you still have your fun pictures????

Fancy dresses, good times and fond memories always help me....

GET JOY!!!!!


  1. Christina that was a fun walk down memory lane through pictures!

    You looked cute in the pictures.

    Linda @ Truthful tidbits

  2. Those are a blast from the past...I could promise you I heard the theme song from "Sixteen Candles" playing as I scolled down your post! :) Fun photos indeed!

  3. yeah!!! you had two link up today!!! that is good!

    ok - you and John look adorable. your story still amazes me and I love those pictures of you guys!


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