Saturday, January 7, 2012

B-Ball Season

It is basket ball season once again in our home.
Time to dust off the basket ball,
dig out the shoes,
and put on the uniform.

In this story there is the....

The Team
The Coach

(Wow, I just think my hubby is just too adorable for words)

The Player

(She is one tough, amazing, hardworking girl... I am so proud of her)

Best Friends
(Playing together is too fun!)
And of course the Fans! GO BLUE!

God's blessings of family and having fun together help me....


  1. It's b-ball season at our house, too! I grew up in Indiana, so this is a big deal for me to have my boys playing basketball in the football state. :) Good luck to the Gladwin Girls team!

  2. now, now... MY hubby is too adorable for words. lol


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