Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Happy Harbor!

Why I love Michigan, Harbor Springs, Michigan!
I think this place is one of the best kept secrets!  It is one of the most beautiful, quaint, wonderful places to visit in Michigan. It is located on little Travers Bay.  My all time favorite cookie place is here...Tom's Mom's Cookies.  Oh my goodness, one of their cookies is like being in chocolate chip cookie heaven.  I truly believe that at God's banqueting table there will be a plate of these just for me.  Oooo and if you go to their website you can order a box of these little pieces of heaven.

We went there just a couple weeks ago.  We had a picnic lunch down by the marina. 

 It was a beautiful day.
 Here we are at Tom's Mom's. 

 Oh sooooooo good!  We try to get some at least once a year and boy are they worth every penny!
 The downtown is full of fantastic shopping and dinning!  A perfect place in Northern Michigan!

I love, love, love my home state.  

Be looking for more post about why I love Michigan!

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