Friday, May 3, 2013

Beach Birthday!

My oldest turned 13 last week and we wanted to do something special. Her grandparents paid for her and some friends to go to a local pool and then they came over for a sleepover. It was such a great party.
Crayola makes the
 best window markers.
These are the crystal ones.

Swimming was such a wonderful idea; because it wiped them out!

I told my girls that when they were teens no more themed parties...I lied.  LOL

With going swimming for her party a fantastic theme just naturally presents itself...Beach Party!  Here in Mid-Michigan we are pretty tired of is time to think of warmer days.

We went swimming at our local community pool for three hours.  It was a lot of fun for the girls.  Shorty liked it too.  He decided to get brave and go in as far as his waist and put his face in the water.  Big stuff around here.  If you watch the tv show "The Middle"  my son reminds us of the character Brick without the whispering and Whoops!  LOL  We also brought pizza to the pool.  Man teen girls can eat like nobody's business. 

The house was so easy to decorate.  Half the stuff I had around the house.  You can't live in the "Great Lake State" and not have tons of beach stuff!

We had adorable cupcakes at home! The cupcakes were store bought at a local cupcake place here in town.  I added the umbrellas and the sugar surfboards and flip flops (also bought at bakery).  This was my hour before emergency dessert fix.  My daughter asked for chocolate bowls for ice cream sundaes....bowls were an epic fail!  I have made them before; but I can't figure out what I did wrong this time.  Oh well these were a great yummy substitute.  

 We made sure we sang "Happy Birthday" Johnson style....loud and horrible!

These girls were just too fantastic.  We had fun pigging out and laughing around the table.

Of course, I provided a lot of junk food.  But the presentation was pretty fun, you have to agree! My local dollar store just happened to have some fantastic Beach/Luau party supplies which was perfect timing for my daughters party!  I went to a party store to pick out the plates and adorable Hawaiian shirt napkins.

Sweet friends, seriously fun party, sleeping girls by 2 am, and one super 13 year old daughter equals one happy mom and dad. 

Everybody seems to be saying have a teen would be rough.  I am not convinced!  They have not met my teen and her friends. These girls are pretty wonderful.  We are blessed beyond words!

Get Joy!

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