Friday, August 16, 2013

Silly Status Updates!!!

Son: Mom
Son: MOM
Okay that got my attention! Hahahahahahaha

Love listening to my 4 yr old son this morning singing, "Bless the Lord Oh my soul...Oh my soul! " But soul sounds like sword in his world I guess.

My four year old going over his letters today and he says...
What does "C"start with?
Cat starts with C!
I asked him, "What else starts with C?"
Crap starts with C!
Why yes it does....ugh...yes it does. 

I told my 3 year old that he needs to learn how to build stuff so he can make things for me. He said, "Okay, like a house?!" Yes, absolutely like a house!!!!!!!! 

My oldest daughter asked at the dinner table the other night, "Can we eat less food for the next couple of days so I can eat more on Thanksgiving day?" I think she was trying to get out of eating her veggies at the moment. But my hubby answered, "You really need to eat a lot of food to stretch out your stomach so you can fit more food in." Yikes, life lessons at the Johnson house....Ugh!

Just watched my hubby secretly stretch at our house for a pick up basketball game. When I asked him why he didn't just do that at the gym where there is more room he said, "I don't want them to know I am old!" Sheesh....I don't think THAT will give it away. Ahahahahahahahahaha...he is too funny or ridiculous I can't decide!

Just heard my three year old boy call Bullseye an idiot! Hummmmmmmm

So as I am taking pictures of my girls of their first day of school, my JR. Higher starts singing...."Sunrise, Sunset"! I thinking she was making fun of me.

1 Tic Tac + 1 Nose= 1 little boy at the ER (at least his nose was minty fresh...can you imagine the burn of that thing dissolving???)

Clean uck ...ery body ery where, clean uck... ery body ery where, clean uck ...ery body ery son singing with his pacifier in his mouth as he puts back the socks he took out of my laundry basket. hehehehehehe

Favorite quote of the day from my daughter as she is all bundled up to go outside, "Do I have to wait for my sister, I am DYING of HEATATION!" LOL

Ahhhhh just avoided certain disaster! Found my son sitting on the floor with my new carton of eggs and one in his hand! I have to say my girls were never this mischievous!

Is not loving that my hubby and girls taught my 2 year old boy to pick his nose....."Ewww gross" is what he says as he digs away. Ugh!

Caught my 2 year old son rubbing my deodorant all over his face today!  At least his face smells powder fresh!

My oldest daughter..."I am going to protest our bathtub! There are too many toys in it. They ambushed me or maybe it was more like a toy avalanche!"

My oldest just said, "I must enjoy my kid life while I can, because my teacher told me!"

In 2009-I was worried about broken arms while my girls jumped on our neighbors new trampoline....but my girls were having a rapture practice with our neighbor girl...priceless!

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