Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The League of Incredible Vegetables 5th Birthday Party!

Yup, He is finally is the big "5"!  What is happening?!  My kids are not little anymore.  

We had a small but fun birthday for him.  We did an Incredible Vegetable party.  He really loves the movie and the superhero Veggie Tales.  Thanks Big Idea for such a great cartoon.  Here are the pictures from his big day!

The very fun cake I made.  Fondant is like playdough for cakes.  Hahahaha!
We invited his good friend over for the afternoon!
Here he is opening his gifts.
He is just getting too big... I just love him.
We did birthday kind of things like party blowers, balloons, Incredible Vegetable cut outs on the walls (printed from my computer), watched the movie, capes for party favors, and played  with new presents. It was a good day.
They pretended to be superheros!
Don't you just love his Captain American pose?!
Happy 5th Birthday to my most favorite boy in the whole wide world!
You are too cute for words, to amazing to say, beyond wonderful...
you are God's beautiful gift to us.


By the way love the Newsboys and Veggie Tales!

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