Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday's Walk - Quirks I love!

When we were dating, every time we stopped to get gas my man would always wash the window. I would always watch in amazement how he perfectly he would wash and scrape every inch of the windshield. After a really seemingly long process, it would sparkle when he was done. I would always laugh because when I would wash the windshield, I could care less and it would be streaky and can imagine ....obviously a girl too busy with too much on her mind to care about a windshield. LOL

A perfectly cleaned windshield is one of my hubby's cute little qwirky things that I would not change for the world.
I love him!

Wednesday's Walk idea:
Does your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend have a funny quirk you love?


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  1. Christina...My hubby cleans the windshield too when we are on a trip and he stops to fill up. (But he doesn't always do it when he gets gas here in town.) But anyway... I have watched him while he is cleaning it, and like you, I stop to admire the job that he is doing. I am so thankful for my man...and for all of the ways he takes care of me!

    Love, Linda


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