Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday's Walk - We're Goin Campin Now!

Camp in the Past....

Summer camps are so much fun. I remember how much I loved going to Girl Scout camp and Church camp when I was young.Here I am at our cabin, of course always ready with a great face for the camera.

I always had fun in Girl Scouts! Can you find my cheese face below?

Camp Now...

My daughter just went to Powette. Powette is our states girl's ministries church camp that we have every year. We had a great time.

Of course there was a lot of swimming!!!
Great services and a great speaker, Thank Netta Chilton!

LinkFun PJ Fashion Show!
Yummy food!

Fun Games!

Awesome Tea Party!

They do fun competitions like cooking, scrapbooking & sewing. Her is my girls pillow she made!
Summer Camps are always a blast!

Wednesday Walk Ideas:
Do you have any fun summer camp memories?
Do your children go to summer camp?

Always remember to....

Get Joy

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  1. Kids love camps don't they? I know it helps so many kids...and I love it that a lot of them come to know Jesus at camp!

    Thank you for the work you do for the Lord.

    Love, Linda


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