Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girly Summer Crafts 2011!

Fourth of July Fun
Dress up the things you have with fun patriotic ribbon. I got this ribbon at Wal-mart for like $2.00. Look at how cute this plain white bucket hat now looks!!!! So easy, all you need to do is make a bow and sew it on with a simple stitch. You could hot glue it on; but if you want the bow to stay on better sewing it is the way to go! If you are unsure of your sewing your best and then add hot glue to make sure. hahahahaa!

These were fun patriotic pins we came up with this year. I got a cheep skein of, white and blue of course. My daughter then crocheted a very long chain stitch for me. Go here to learn how to crochet a chain stitch. I then sewed the loops together at one end, sewed on a button and a pin on the back. Go here to learn how to make these flowers! How patriotic.... you could pin these on a jacket, dress, or a hat!
Flippy Flops
I love taking cheap flip flops and making them cute! Tie balloons to them! Take scraps of material and tie them on! Our take my fun fabric flowers and tie them on! So many fun ways to make your flip flops dazzling and adorable! And did I easy it is!!!!

For the balloon flip flops I first tied the ends of two water balloons together. I then tied those around the plastic top of the flip flop. What makes them cute is using complementary colors, patterns or rainbow order....Just have fun!

For these fun fabric flip flops, I borrowed my friend picking shears. You know those scissors that have a zig zag edge to keep fabric from fraying. You don't have to use those, they look fun frayed as well. I wanted to try something different this year. Cut your fabric in several strips to as long and as wide as you like. Lastly, tie them on! Your kids can do this one!!!!!

Don't you just love these gingham ones!!!!
Fabric Flowers!
Have I told you how much I love, love, love making these fabric flowers. I have blogged about making these before, go here to see how. New tidbit though....if you have and embossing heat tool use it! It is so much easier than using fire to melt the edges and less dangerous.

Put this flowers on hats, barrettes, pins, flip flops, purses or anything to make everything more adorable.
If you make lots of this stuff you can then sell it for some summer cash!!!! Whooo HOO!

Being crafty helps me...

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  1. this stuff is all so cute! but uhm, being crafty is so hard for me. wish I could do that stuff though!


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