Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's Walk - Home of the Sicky Sick

Sickness has reared its ugly head in our home the last 2 weeks. Fevers of 103.4, sore throats, congestion, sneezing, coughing you name it we got it. Usually, when these germs creep into my home they also keep my kids up at night which then keeps me up with worry. I know, I know.... I am such a mom.

Now, I know that this seems to be a strange Wednesday's Walk; but hang on, I will get to the reason in a second. As I was caring for my kids this past week and the hours of tending to them in the middle of the night when I would rather be sleeping....I got to thinking. I started to remember the things my mom did for me when I was sick.

When I would have a fever she would sit by my bed and wipe a cool wash cloth on my forehead, cheeks and arms ever so gently. She would bring me water, juice, soup whatever to help me feel better. She would hold my hair back when my tummy wasn't feeling well and I was returning nasty germs to the toilet where they belonged. When I was in the hospital, she would sleep in the wretched chair every night until they released me. I always knew mom would take care of me even if it was gross, tiresome, or even frustrating. Why? Simply, because she loved me and she hated seeing me sick.

It is funny how much we pattern ourselves after our parents even in what seems small and insignificant. As I was wiping my daughter's forehead with a cool cloth, I remembered my mom. When I was a girl and was sick and felt crummy, I still felt love. I hope that my kids feel the same from me and they will give the same love that I gave to their children. In some strange way, a little piece of my mom and me will pass on long after we are gone in the ways that my children lovingly treat their children. That makes my heart feel glad.

Even in the little things.....

Get Joy

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  1. yeah, we had things we did growing up when we were sick. we had this sesame street bed sheet that my mom would put on the couch when we were sick. guess which sister has the sheet? lol

    hope you guys are all feeling better now!


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