Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Walk - Ice Cream Truck Edition

Growing up in the city, it is not uncommon to hear the sounds of the ice cream truck coming down your street during the summer months. However, here in small town northern Michigan it is very rare to hear that sound...very rare. In fact, I think I have only heard the ice cream truck maybe three times in the 8 years we have lived here. One of those three was last Thursday.

My kids were pretty excited to pick out their ice cream treats. I remember that same excitement when I was little. I remember the joy of hearing that sound, running into the house, scurrying around looking for loose change, then hurrying out the door fearing that I might have missed the frozen treats on a stick and all I would see was the evidence of him being there on the faces of all the other children who were quicker than me.

Last Thursday, we waved down that ice cream man and here is the evidence that we didn't miss him......
He was very excited about his Batman ice cream! He kept saying over and over in a sing-songy- voice, "Batman"! Don't you just love that blue face?!
My girls enjoying their treats! My oldest and her expensive taste...of course she got the big yummy chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. I think I will have her do some dishes to pay off that one! Hahahaha My middle girl of course wanted the double cream and bubble gum!
I love, love, love those strawberry crunch good.
Don't you just love this guys face??? He was actually pretty excited about his ice cream (it was like some orange creamsicle something) even though that is hard to tell from this picture. LOL

Wednesday's Walk ideas:

Do you have any ice cream truck memories?
Do you have any summer time favorite foods that remind you of something special?

Ice cream trucks and family fun help me...

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  1. Oh yes Christina...when my brother and I were growing up in Southern Calif. we always enjoyed the sound of the approaching ice cream truck! We would run inside and bug mom until she would let us dig through her purse for loose change.

    We loved everything from Popsicles to the ice cream sandwiches, to the push-ups...but my favorites were the drumsticks with the chocolate and nuts on top. YUM!

    We also had a merry-go-round truck that came by playing music...and a bread man that had drawers full of doughnuts. I loved the jelly doughnuts, the glazed, and the maple long johns.

    My childhood was so much fun...especially in the summertime. We lived 7 miles from the beach, and we went there all of the time.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane Christina!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. When I lived in town my kids snagged the ice cream man about 3 times, too! :)

  3. so cute. love their messy faces. uhm... I'm horrible. the ice cream truck is creepy! I hate the music and have only let my girls buy something one time. Ah! weird, right? lol

  4. Love the photos! I have such fond memories of the ice cream that we were able to purchase at lunch time in elementary school for a quarter.

  5. Hi, Thanks for hosting. I linked up with a memory of my own! New follower too.

  6. Hi Christina! Just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email a few days ago and I think you'll be excited to see what it says! :)
    By the way, the kids are adorable with their ice cream treats! What fun!


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