Friday, December 3, 2010

Homemade Christmas ~ Girly Headbands

For the next the next four Fridays, I am going to post some holiday gift ideas that I am making and will be giving this year. Hopefully you will be inspired to make some fun gifts and save some money for yourself this year.

Girly Headbands

Fun Headbands that you can make to go with your girls Christmas dress or give as a gift. This is a fun, easy craft to make and it only takes minutes to make it. It cost very little. I spent 45cents on material, two bucks on rhinestones and two bucks on three headbands.


1. Headband

2. Material (synthetic/polyester....material that will melt)

3. Rhinestones or buttons


1. Scissors

2. Fire (Candle or oil lamp)

3. Glue Gun


1. Cut 5 circles out of material.(hey no perfect circles here)

2. Melt edges and sides of material. (This will keep material from fraying. Experiment with the heat to enhance the edges. Practice with a few pieces first. Make sure you don't burn it or burn your house down!)

3. Arrange how you want to layer your flower.

4. Hot glue pieces in center, layer after layer.

5. Hot glue rhinestone or cute button in center of flower and the hot glue to headband (or to a pin, or sew onto a winter hat, or to a purse...whatever you want to)
Have a blessed Christmas and....

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  1. ok, Christina-that is a great idea-love the fraying tip, too! I bought flowers that looked just like those (only smaller) for my daughter a few years ago with clips glued on the backs to clip on to her shoes to make them a little fancier/more fun.


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