Monday, September 21, 2009

My Little Duct Tape Queen!

My daughter is probably one of the most creative persons I know. She loves to make things and not just any things her own ideas. Even now her room is drowning in duct tape scraps, pom poms, scissors, cardboard, scraps of who knows what and just all sorts of crafty items. Our next house will have a basement with a corner dedicated to her imagination. She will spend hours creating the most amazing things. Get out your scissors, get some duct tape and see what your kids can come up might just be totally amazed.
She had a little help with this one since I won't let her use my glue gun!

Oh and here is my "Not Me Monday"!

I would never let the daughter above take duct tape to church. And I would most certainly not let her make projects in the front pew. And what kind of mother would let her daughter supply said duct tape to our senior pastor's daughter who also was making things next to her. And this would never be happening during not me... not ever! LOL

Today, let your kids be creative and....

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