Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Try Not To Explode!

My first graders very random conversation with me this morning....

"You know you shouldn't sneeze and fart at the same time!"

Of course I could not let that one go without further discussion so of course I asked her, "why?"

She replied, "Because you will explode!"

"Really...Explode!", I replied

"Well not explode like when you die" she said.

"Whoa we explode when we die...why was I never told this?" I thought to myself.

She then said to my surprise, "I exploded once!
"What?!" I asked in a very concerned voice. She then went on to explain that it isn't really exploding more like blowing up like a balloon which still caused me to probe this a little further...

Trying not to laugh, I then said, "I don't remember you floating away!"

My brilliant first grader than said, "I was to heavy too do that!"

I love conversations with 6 year olds!

The sad thing now that I am thinking about the conversation...I never corrected her on any of her thoughts. Yikes, I better remember to do that.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm cracking up. Some of the things my kids say! Their minds, I'm telling you...the imagination baffles!

    I'll work hard to try not to explode. :D
    ~ Wendy

  2. And if you plug your nose when you sneeze....?!?!!? Look out!

    That was too funny. And the great thing is, I can hear her saying it all just so "matter of fact".

  3. LOL! Love it! And I'm pretty sure here theories are air-tight.

    Thanks for linking up with Lazy Wed Walk

    The Lazy Mom

  4. My first thought was that sometime the 2 just go together...especially since I've had children. :-) I LOVE how kids think. If we just take the time to sit and listen, we'd really have no need for television.

  5. Jeremy always asks if I told them the right word or meaning or whatever thing they got wrong. I don't always because it is just too cute the way they originally said it! lol


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