Saturday, March 23, 2013

Go, Go, GO!

It is that time of year again...Derby Day! We have been sanding, painting, tinkering with our cars for the last two months and today we were able to finally race them.  I have decided that our family is not about speed,  aerodynamics, or sleekness...we are all about the interesting, funny, weird, how slow can we go kinda derby car.  And a couple of us came in dead last all was awesome!  

Here are some of our fabulous designs...

Francesco Brnoulli !

Her car is a replication of one of her sand art bottles
she made at a fair in Lundington, MI!

She did an airport complete with a flying plane!

My car was The Little Engine That Could....I think I can, I think I can!

We enjoyed watching all the races!

Here is the mom vs. my oldest daughter race..I won ( I won't tell you my train was a little on the heavy I did have an unfair advantage)

Here is our annual "Family RACE" and the actually race car won!

My daughter came in 2nd for speed.
Getting her trophy from our childrens pastor, Pastor Kelly!
I came in 3rd for speed...did I tell you there was only three in our division!!!! hahahahahahaha
What a great family time and I got this super duper cute picture of shorty!  Love it and love racing our crazy fun cars!

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  1. We love Derby Day, too! Love all the creative designs you've come up with for cars.


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