Friday, June 21, 2013

Swimmin, Splashin, and Having a Good Time!

So what does this girl do with her summer?  She volunteers a week at camp!  Royal Family Kids Camp!  If you have never heard of this wonderful camp check it out here or go see the movie, "Camp". (take a Kleenex box with you)

Because of the nature of this camp, I will not share names or where the camp is located.  It was very hard to not have pictures of camp...if you know me.  I want to remember their sweet faces.  I have a few things to help me journal, notes, purple hair ribbon, a signed shirt, my one year pin, and my name tag. I will cherish those sweet things.  

Here are some preparations that happened before camp...

Cards were made for beautiful children by my kids and sweet friends. My campers wanted me to share how much they loved their mail...Thank you!

My sister unknowingly donated these cute soaps to the girls. I had fun making them. Thanks for the supplies Jen! They loved, loved, LOVED these!

Here are just some of the volunteers that it took to bless almost 40 kids!!!

This is what I can share about my week....

Our days were filled with food made with love, swimming, archery, new clothes, a very purple cabin, lovingly placed band-aids, Birthday Party, frogs, games, giggles, sand between the toes, purple ribbons in braided hair, silent prayers, brightly painted nails, yellow swim bracelets, hand jives, candy, crafts, painting,  loud singing, hearts on cheeks, cheering, bouncing in inflatables, life lessons, notes of love, side hugs, laughing, memory books, tears of joy, and tears of hope that God loves them more than us.  

This is how we woke up the girls each morning!

And this is a song they sang to end each day!

I will change your name
You shall no longer be called
wounded, outcast.
lonely or afraid

I will change your name
Your new name shall be
Confidence, Joyfullness
Overcoming One, Faithfulness
Friend of God!

Oh my heart is blessed!

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