Monday, November 4, 2013

The Lord is Good to Me!

My shorty went on his first field trip to the apple orchard with his kindergarten class.  It was great fun and a wonderful learning experience.  It also was a great photo taking opportunity.  I cannot resist taking a bazillion pictures at places like this!!!!
Johnny Appleseed

Oh, the Lord is good to me,
And so I thank the Lord
For giving me the things I need:
The sun, and the rain, and the apple seed;
The Lord is good to me.

For every seed I sow,
An apple tree will grow,
And there will be apples there
Enough for the whole wide world to share;
The Lord is good to me.
Here they are putting their apples into the giant juicer.  
Thump went the apples!

They had a really great play area!
This is one of my favorites...pure joy running through that tunnel!
Okay and this is just too much!
Love this Kindergarten to the moon and back!!!!

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