Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gettin' Ready for Jamaica

I am so excited! I am getting ready to go to Jamaica on Friday. I can hardly believe it is here already. I got my passport, my shots, my house finished for my mom, shopping done,packed finalizing my entire list and my schedule is on the fridge for the kids.

My sister and I have been collecting things to take to the "City of Refuge" children's home. We are allowed to take two suitcases each and they can each weigh 50lbs and our carry-on's. Our plan is to pack our personal things in our cary-on's and the big suitcases will carry everything donated. So between the two of us we are taking 200lbs of stuff to leave at the children's home....Ahhh, so cool!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated stuff, here is some off the stuff we are taking....

Tons of school supplies,

30+ pajamas

50+ white socks

Paint for the murals I will be painting

Oreo's, chocolate pudding and gummy worms to make dirt cake for the kids

50 + Bracelets that my Mpact girls clubs made for them

Children's Books

and so many other fun surprises!!!!! Yay!

Please, be praying for ...

  • Our safety while traveling

  • That all our luggage gets there intact and undamaged

  • That we stay well

  • My mom and John as they watch the kids

  • Continued pray for my son as he heals from pneumonia ( I hate leaving with him not completely better)

  • That God will be glorified always and in everything!

  • That we will be a blessing in all we do!

Oooooooh, I am just getting excited all over again! I am and will....

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