Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jamaica Journal Part 1

I kept a journal while I was in Jamaica and my mom wanted me to post them here with the pictures...so here it is mom!

Friday, Nov 6th
We woke up very early, 4:30am, and started our journey to Jamaica. We had all our luggage packed in the van the night before and Jen's friend, Nicole, drove us to the airport. I was tired but yet very excited about the trip.

At the airport we checked in our large suitcases. We weighed them very well at the house, 230lbs. I was very proud of our packing skills. I didn't want to pay extra for any of them. While waiting we met two girls, Lisa and Renee. We found out that they were on their way to the Dominican Republic to do a mission trip there. It was very nice talking with them. They will also be on our plane on the way back.
We had a lay over in Miami. It was long and boring.

It was so cool flying into Jamaica! The airport is of the coast line. Laura and the one of the missionaries, Pastor J.R. were there waiting for us. They took us to the grocery store, where we got our food for the week. J.R was so gracious for waiting for us women. LOL Then began the drive up the mountain. It was scary!!

I mean really SCARY, SCARY, SCARY! I am glad to stay up here until we leave and was pleased that it was dark. I think on the way down I will just close my eyes.

That night we watched Laura get all the things we brought her. It was so much fun and a little like Christmas!

Saturday, Nov 7th
I woke up anxious to see outside, but took a shower and got ready before venturing out on the mountain. We had yummy papaya scones, which I would like to have again someday.
We went outside and sat on the lovely red garden chairs and ate our breakfast. We were engulfed by the gorgeous Blue Mountains and a fresh breeze unlike any smell I have ever experienced. What a wonderful start to the day.

Laura then took us on a tour of the grounds. She took us to the girl’s home where we found them doing their chores. They wanted us to take their picture of them washing their socks. It was very funny! We then went over to the toddlers and baby home. They were playing in the yard and the girls were getting their hair done.

I saw a little baby boy falling asleep in his walker and could not resist the urge to pick him up and hold him. He is 10 months old; but about the size of a 2 month old. I fought back many tears as we went through the home. There were so many children. I wanted to hold and hug all of them. They loved showing us around and were very interested in us. I am so thankful for the missionaries Steve and Kim Puffpaff and the blessing they are to these children.

After making a few paper airplanes with the children, we pulled away and toured the rest of the City of Refuge. We checked out the coffee drying tables. We visited the many chickens. I liked making chicken sounds that made all the roosters upset. It was pretty funny listening to their distress of my noises.

We took a long way back up to Laura's apartment. We enjoyed all the beautiful flowers and gorgeous scenery. We had a delightful lunch and then settled in for a quite time watching Pride and Prejudice, but it didn't last too long because soon all the missionary kids (MK's) showed up. Which we didn't mind the interruption because they are just about the best kids ever.

We then went on a hike with the MK's. We then headed up to the cafeteria were we had dinner and met the team that came in today from PA. For dinner we had curry chicken, rice, cabbage and cucumber salad and cake. We then checked our facebooks, watched lightening in the distance and went to bed.

Some funny changes in words there...
we say...
candy they say sweeties
buddy they don't say it is a bad word to them
snowmen one kid in Laura's class called him a snow boy
pastries they say baking’s
flip flops they say slippers

Sunday, Nov 8th
Today, we had church. We spent most of the morning getting ready and eating breakfast outside. Church was amazing. We had worship and it was fun to see the kids dancing around, clapping and lifting their hands in praise to God! They then had testimony time. One little boy's testimony was that he was thankful that he had a future and a hope. That really touched my heart. I am feeling like I am holding back tears all the time here.

We had dinner with the team from PA and the missionaries. It was so good. We had BBQ beef and chicken, brown rice, cabbage salad and cake. The cooks BBQ sauce was so good. She said she made it with the drippings of the meat, Ketchup, soy sauce and honey. Oooooooh so good!

I helped finish up some bags we made for the children. They are going to use them for stockings for Christmas. I did some art things for Laura's class tomorrow and started the mural. I had some trouble with the mural. It looks like I have to sand it and then prime it tomorrow because it is oil base. I got some work ahead of me.

We finished the day with hot dogs and some computer time. LOL

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  1. I'm so happy for you! It looks like an amazing trip. Can't wait to read more about it!


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