Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reflections from the Mountian

All week, I have been asking God to speak to me. He has shown me so many things here that it is hard to narrow it down to one thing here.

However, this morning God showed me something through the coffee that is growing in abudance all around the City of Refuge. Not only are the missionaries running a children's home but they are also building a coffee business. Apparently, Blue Mountian coffee is pretty good stuff and pretty rare. I had a sip and it taste like regular old coffee to me. I do not drink coffee so what do I know.

The coffee berry goes through an amazing process before it ends up in a fancy coffee mug. It is picked, de-berried (there is a better word for it but I can't think of it at the moment), dried, raked, carried up to the roasting room, roasted, sealed, shipped and brewed before it hits the mouth of the drinker. The Lord began to show me that our lives are much like the process....

When we come to Christ we are plucked out of sin. The old flesh is removed and the process of becoming like the expensive bean begins. He dries up and rakes out all the things that are not of Him. Then he uses others to help us on the journey to place that when we are tested by fire we are not destroyed. When we go through those testing times, being tried by fire, God is purifying us even further. He removes even more that is not glorifying to Him. When we leave this earth, we are sealed and we are sent to be with Him where our lives become a sweet aroma to Him.

Thank you Lord for the process, because as I go through the process I know that I am becoming pleasing and valuable to Him. Sometimes, it can be hard and very unpleasant....but it is all to glorify Him.

I have enjoyed my time up here so much. I am truly having an "Up on the Mountian" time spiritually. But I know I can not stay up here forever. But for these last few moments, I am going to drink in this mountian one more time and....

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