Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dinners Outside!

One of my favorite summer things to do is eat outside! We are couped up all winter long here in the north so it's nice to be able to be outdoors as much as we can. So while dad was playing tennis across the school yard from us...we ate our dinner. It was a little chilly tonight and we ended up getting our jackets....gotta love Michigan!

Like my swing? My neighbor was throwing it away...What?! I am gonna paint it and get some new cushions and it will be like new. I love getting stuff like that and the swing is awesome!

Everyone should have a glass pitcher! I got this one at an antique mall for like three bucks or something. I love it and drinks just taste better from glass things....why is that???? : )

He loves eating outside sometimes it is just hard to focus on eating and not the twenty million other things going on around us....tooo much fun!

I kept it simple hot dogs, green beans and french fries I already ate; but there is the leftover ketchup. : )

Guarantee that there are going to be some messy faces and some tears when I wipe off that mess.

My grandmother who has passed away loved geraniums. I try to get some in honor of her every summer. I love them with my flag, so patriotic!

Oh, I tried something new today. I made freezer jam. It wasn't all that hard at all. A friend at church gave me a huge bag of strawberries from her garden...this is what I decided to do with them.....
Oh my, this jam is sooooooo good and I think it is gonna last me the whole year.....all I can say is AWESOME!

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