Monday, June 14, 2010

Ice Cream+Sticky+Dirty Kids= Summer

It is official, summer is in full swing at the Johnson's and the first week nearly killed me....just kidding. It is a definite change having the girls home all day and will take some getting use to; but I love having them here. If I could only keep them quite during my baby's nap time then we would be doing great! He loves having them here and there is a definite change in his attitude. I think he was bored with just me all day.

Our summer is going to be filled with ice cream, swimming, sunsets, church softball, picnics, dirty children, sand, riding bikes, long walks, going to the library, visiting friends & family, sun block, fireworks, sprinklers and did I say ice cream. Here are some of the things we are going to be doing over the next three months....My oldest is going to go to kids camp on her own for the first time ( I am gonna try to not freak out about it). We are going to our annual family vacation to Ludington. We will be working at Jr./Sr. High Camp at Lost Valley. Our 14th wedding anniversary will be in July( wow! ). My hubby will be taking a group of our youth to Detroit AIM which will be in conjunction with the National Fine Arts. I am going to be a judge at it (YEAH). My hubby will be officiating my cousins wedding in July. I hope to have a garage sale somewhere in all of this and squeeze in one more family vacation in August.

I love summer. So many fun events happen and we expeirence so many exciting things. I love spending time with my kids and maybe even a few date nights with my man. Oh, and don't forget....there will be lots of ice cream!

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  1. sounds crazy busy!!! :) Elayna is getting to go to camp this year as a camper too, one year early, because we are there at the camp working. :) she is so excited! we had ice cream cones last night! :)


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