Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Walk - Under the Umbrella

My first Wednesday's Walk was entitled "Under the Umbrella", make sure you go check it out! So, in honor of that first Wednesday's Walk here is my daughters playing under their umbrellas at their Aunt's home. Aunt Joni is a wonderful aunt you can check her out here. How fun?!

If you don't have any other Wednesday's Walk ideas, here are some.
Did you ever do anything special at an Aunt's home?
Do you have any fond memories of an Aunt?

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and may you always....


  1. Cute umbrella pictures your kids play in the water! Looks like tons of fun.

    I wasn't raised around any Aunties....but I have fun memories of being an Aunt! And I love my husband's Aunts. So many of them are passing away though. That happens when we age.

    I will link my post...even though it is a recent memory, of our Pizza Birthday Party last Saturday.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. I'm glad the kids had so much fun. Take three kids, add a little water...and presto! Adventures!

    I had three aunts that lived near me. My aunt Sue was the mother my cousin Sandy, who was also my best friend. She always made me feel welcome at their house. Many fun sleepovers!

    My aunt Jeannie had no daughters, so enjoyed doing girly things with my sisters and me. She was also my hairstylist until I got into high school. She is always so full of joy!

    Our family co-owned a cabin in Colorado with my uncle Don and aunt Millie. I got to know her pretty well, sharing all those summer vacations. She also taught me sewing in 4-H.

    Those are my memories. I hope to make many happy memories with all my nieces and nephews!


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