Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Walk - More S'mores Please!

One of my favorite summer time treats is sitting around the camp fire making S'mores! We were able to do that a few times this summer. I also enjoy the time spent with family and the mishaps that always happen while making this sweet creations. Mishaps like marshmallows catching on fire, marshmallows falling on the ground or in the fire and marshmallows stickyness all over cute faces.

So pull up a chair, get nice and warm, put a marshmallow on a stick, and join us for a S'more!

This is one of my favorite summer images in Ludington, MI. I love seeing my family enjoying each other, laughing, watching the sunset and of course eating S'mores.

Here is my aunt and my cousin's daughter with her extremely burnt marshmallow. Hahahaha Those usually end up in the fire or being eaten by the rare person who likes them that burnt. LOL Hahahaha it looks like a piece of charcoal on a stick.

Here is my sisters "Mega S'more" (as we called it)! It was your not so typical S'more. It had your graham cracker but it also had peanut butter, blue berries, bananas and chocolate in the middle of one of those giant marshmallows roasted perfectly. It was rather ridiculous, you couldn't eat the crazy thing. It was just too "Mega Good"!

Here we are at my dear friend's (Jenilee) home around their fire pit roasting marshmallows. I am so thankful for these precious moments and memories with good friends.
This is his yummy in my tummy try to smile, smile! LOL

Wednesday's Walk Ideas.....
Do you have any campfire memories?
Do you have a funny S'more story?

The summer isn't over yet, make sure you make a S'more!
Gooey, Yummy, Sticky memories always help me....


  1. I love the burned ones!!!

    I'll have to see if I can find the picture of our great nephew enjoying his first s'more. Yep, sticky mess!

  2. oh, those big smores are SO messy! :) so very glad that we got to do that with you this summer. :) Love you!

  3. We're going camping this weekend and I have the smores ingredients all ready to go! I cannot wait for that perfect combo of tastes to cross my lips! Great photos!


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