Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School 2011

So, my kids are a riot! The first day of school they get up with no complaining, no crying ...no problem. They get dressed without me begging. They brush their teeth without my prompting. We don't rush around looking for lost shoes. They are ready to go 15 minutes early. I could stay in bed and they would get there on their own if they could drive.

But when the 2nd day of school happens it all goes away. Back to school ....Back to reality!

I will....

Some cute and funny things...
My 3 year old son slept through all of the getting ready for school this morning. When he woke up he went in the girls room and said, "Girls, get up....1, 2, 3! That is usually what I have to say to them on the second day of school until the last. Then I had to tell them they were already gone. He had to investigate their beds to make sure. Hahahahahahaha

While I was taking pictures of the girls, my new Jr. Higher starts singing, "Is this the little girl I carried.......Sunrise, Sunset." My hubby asks, "Is she singing what I think she is singing?" And then we all busted out laughing. I think...nope, I know....she was making fun of us. Hummmmmm! I have a JR. Higher on my hands....Lord, help me!

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