Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Under the Umbrella

So in honor of my dear friend, I am going to do Wednesday's Walk.

One of my favorite pictures of me is this one under the umbrella. I don't know why I like it so much. Maybe, because I was a pretty cute kid LOL, or the way the camera grabbed the moment or maybe it is the memory behind the day. Whatever the reason it is a favorite of mine and my parents.

We were down in Missouri during their hot summer days. My Aunt and my three cousins lived in a house out in the country. That day, she got out the sprinkler and the umbrella and let us dance around under the falling water. I loved that we got to use the yellow umbrella it made playing in the sprinkler all that more exciting. I remember having so much fun with my cousins that we saw maybe once a year. It was a great day and time with my family.

My family has become such an important part of my life, even my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I love them so very much and treasure every moment, every memory with them. It is so amazing how God designed us and our families and how much we need them in our lives.

It also helps me realize the value of my church family, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have no family here were we pastor; but I have a church family here. God has been showing me how all of them love me just like my real family and how wonderful they are. It helps me know I am not alone even when my real family is hours away, they are my real family here at home. They are worth fighting for, investing in and giving my heart to.

Thanks God for loving us and giving us umbrellas, sprinklers and family, with that I will....


  1. precious. I love THAT umbrella! :)

  2. That is an awesome memory! I have one similar, except mine was walking in the rain (summer time) with my umbrella and splashing in the puddles. Great stuff as a kid isn't it? I too am so thankful for my family, we are changing churches so we will soon have a new church family! Thanks for sharing your memory with us.
    Lyn @ Southern Homeschool Journey

  3. What a great post and I enjoyed your memeory to. I recently moved to Nevada from Ohio. People carry umbrella's here not because of rain but the sun. Wow it looks so funny. I have no family here but I have my blog family and church family and it's all good. Thanx 4 sharing.
    Happy Wednesday

  4. I think I got that inside joke.... ;)

  5. What a beautiful photo and memory.


  6. So thankful for family! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I stopped by via Wednesday's walk!


  7. That picture is great. I think it's beautiful because of your eyes. Wide with wonder. But the wet, see through umbrella with the yellow rim and the bright green grass make it pretty too. :)

    Memories that remind us how much we love people are the best.

    I enjoyed my visit.


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