Friday, March 12, 2010

A Story About Girl & a Boy and Their New Kitchen! Part 2

Wait a minute this looks like a bathroom not a kitchen!
Hahaha so we TRIED to change our bathroom cabinet and sink yesterday, which is also part of the renovation plans. Actually, that is what started the whole renovation idea to begin with, that ugly bathroom sink. We didn't get very far because when we started to work on the plumbing we found that it isn't your standard stuff and we are going to have to cut the cabinet out....Yikes.

A big thanks to a guy from our church who came out to the house last night and told us what we need to do...Thanks Bob! And a big thanks to Pastor Brad for lending us his tool to cut it out! I have a feeling we are going to have to borrow a lot of tools. I tell you it is a sign of things to come....John and I just laughed. We are going to try again tonight. We will see how that goes...Ugh! Did I tell you we have no idea what we are doing? hahahaha

Oh, new white pretty cabinet...just a little longer until you are in your new home!

John didn't appreciate me taking pictures....I think it maybe wasn't a good time to capture him for my blog...He'll get over it. LOL hehehehe

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  1. lol He'll get over it. Yeah Jeremy tried to "fix" our downstairs half bath sink and basically broke it completely. The water is shut off to the sink now and we are waiting from a visit from the plumber to tell us what to do!


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