Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Story About Girl & a Boy and Their New Kitchen! Part 5

So there is a new saying at our household..."Nothing comes easy when you're talking about the Johnsons". It seems that there is some obstacle around every corner.

Today, we worked on our electrical. It was quite a hair raising experience to say the least. Here is John's tape measure after it got zapped by the 22o line and yes there was a big pop, fire and a nice burnt smell that lingered for some time afterwards.

Here is Bob C. and John figuring out some things. Bob was such a blessing to us today. Thank you, thank you thank you Bob! He kept teasing us that he was going to get us zapped. He was just kidding....but knowing us you may have figured that we would get zapped all on our own. LOL

I got to use the tools. I was very excited to use the fun tools. Tools are fun hehehehe.

Here are the electrical boxes I cut out all by myself and I even feed the wire up to the boxes too.

This was my kitchen all day....very frightening! There is my Diet Coke that John was so nice to pick up for me on one of his runs to ACE hardware.

My kitchen is all on the other side of the room now. All the plugs work, the stove works and the fridge works...all in all a very productive day! Hey, there is part of my new floor rolled up in this picture.

Oh, I did get zapped by one of the 110 plugs. My arm hurt for a little while and I was very timid for the rest of the gave Bob a good laugh though. I'll laugh more about it tomorrow...I think!

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  1. I LOVE your new kitchen! Can't wait to see it all finished. :) no more getting zapped though! :)


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