Friday, March 26, 2010

A Story About Girl & a Boy and Their New Kitchen! Part 6

Our middle child said...and I quote, "Our house looks like a dump truck!" Sadly, it is true.
We are neck deep in our renovations at our times it is very overwhelming. It seems that around every corner there is a new problem. We are pressing on! Yesterday, it was time to take down a portion of our wall, very exciting. We also had to replace the floor board under our old sink because of very bad water damage. My mom and sister came to help with the baby. We waited until his nap to do the job and here is mom and sis watching us work. LOL
We kicked up a lot of dust. The dust went everywhere....I am not joking...EVERYwhere! Here is John trying out a new toy the Sawzall.

We were also able to finish up taking down the popcorn ceiling. Jen and I really got it done quickly. It was messy; but it is done. I have to wipe it down, prime and paint it, so I am far from having it all done. Here is a great picture of some of the mess on my dear sister.

We have a new saying that I have place on my refrigerator. It is in honor of a dear friend who lost his battle with cancer this week.

Some exciting news our plumbing is all done!
Here is all we have left to do...our goal is to be done by Easter with most of it!
My upcoming projects are....
Patch and prep walls for painting
Paint the ceiling and kitchen walls.
Paint all the molding and doors.
Paint the ceiling in my bathroom.
Paint my kitchen table.
My hubby's upcoming projects are....
Help Bob C. do the flooringWork
Help Bob W. drywall repairs.
Help me work on the molding.
Help Pastor Brad make my 2 custom cabinets.

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