Friday, March 5, 2010

Blast form the Past ~ Funny Things my Kids Say and Do!

"WARNING" this is a really long is really for me to have all my blogs in one place.

Friday, July 11, 2008
Bare Banks!

So, we are sitting around the dinner table and my oldest asks, "How much is our new mini van going to cost?" Of course we tell her, "Thousands of dollars". She than responds by saying, "Let me go check my piggy bank" and quickly leaves the table. When she comes back, John says honey you don't have that kind of money and if you do than you better tell us where you got it right now.
Here is the sweet part…
A little later she comes and gives me a penny and says, "I just want to help!"

She also told her dad she has a new BEAR bank and it is really BARE! As we are laughing, she then proceeds to get it and open it and says, "See I am not joking!"
.. ..
She is just too funny. I love my girls!

Sunday, January 20, 2008
Number 3 on the way!

So, once again I find myself pregnant. It wasn't necessarily planned. I cried for about 15 min. and then got excited. The due date is Aug. 30th. I have an ultra sound Jan. 29th. I am not exactly pleased about the "being pregnant" part; however, I am thrilled about the having a baby part. So far, I have not been sick and I am about 12 weeks along, once again I am blessed to not have to experience what most women do the first trimester.

For those of you who are interested in how we told the girls, here we go…

Before dinner, we told them we had a big secret. While we were setting the table, the girls were of course peppering us with questions. We asked them, "What is the best thing you can think of?" My youngest shouted out, "A Gigantic Banana!"
Where in the world do four year olds come up with the stuff? One can only wonder what was going on in that little mind.

We then told them we were going to have a baby. They were very, very, very excited about getting bunk beds. Oh yes, they were very happy about the baby too. My youngest has been going back and forth on what she wants…first a girl…then a boy…then both…then she didn't care which it was just as long as she got a bunk bed. My oldest has been kissing my stomach a few times a day. I don't think I can take six more months of that.

At dinner, we decided to come up with names. We used this opportunity to get them to eat their dinner in a timelier manner; if I do say so myself, it was a rather brilliant idea. After each bite of there meal they were allowed to add a name to the list. Here is the list:

George Washington
Nose picker
Contortion mouse
Door knob
Cookie crisp
Time watch
Simon Says (my personal favorite)
Chicken bawk-bawk
Well, I hope you enjoyed our list of names! I am sure you will all be on the edge of your seats wondering which one we shall choose.

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Pre-School has come!

Something very amazing happened the other day, my youngest went to pre-school. She was kind of funny about it all day. She wanted to go....then didn't....then wanted to.....then didn't. Finally, I had to tell her she simply had to go. She asked, "Why?" Now here is some bad parenting that I do not recommend, I told her that I would go to jail if she did not. Bad, Bad, Bad! Anyway, it worked and after that she did not mention a word about it. When school ended, she could not stop talking about how much fun she had and all the friends she made (even though she couldn't tell me a single name). I was very pleased about how well she did the first day and how excited she was about going the next day.
So now here comes the very pleasant unexpected part, all of a sudden I have three hours all to myself. Huh, I haven't had that in over seven years. I almost do not know what to do with myself, yet I have too much already planned. Does that make any sense moms? The first day, I went out to lunch with John and my sister. It was a nice, quite and peaceful lunch. Yesturday, I went shopping with Jen. And today, John and I went and played golf. Wow, usually we would have to get a babysitter for that. A first also happened, I golfed par on a par 3 hole. This is an amazing feat for me, because usually my goal is to not shoot over ten strokes per hole. LOL All in all, this has been a very good transition. I think... I may get use to this...well maybe.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Welcome to second grade!

Here I find myself again, the first day of school. Today, the sound of my daughters Cinderella alarm clock, which is to the tune of "A Dream is a Wish", started the beginning of the school season. Now of course she popped up like a daisy. This is an amazing thing considering she could not fall asleep until almost eleven o'clock the night before. She was just too excited about school. I think that will change in a few years. She did all the normal things and was done very early. She wanted to be the first one in class, now there is some enthusiasm for you.
On our walk over we prayed and then we went into the busy school. There were parents and children everywhere. There were many "Hello's" to a lot of familiar faces. Welcome to Second Grade it said outside her door. We walked inside, said hello to her teacher, put her stuff on the hook, and she gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. It always seems to be that is more of a problem for me than her.
Once I left, I meandered around the halls looking for excuses to stick around. As I was leaving, I noticed a number of children crying out in the hall. I felt the same way. I felt like crying too. I know…I know, I am just another emotional sappy mom. But, my baby is growing up and I there is nothing I can do about it. I love my children. I love who they are and who they are becoming. I am proud of them. So, bear with me, I know growing up is a part of life; but I do not have to like it. My babies are becoming independent children who like to do things, "All by themselves". I am entering another phase of motherhood that I have to learn with Grace. Letting go has never been something I have enjoyed, but it is always been something that has produced amazing results. So, my darling girl welcome to the second grade!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
A Dream is a Wish!

My oldest daughter had a birthday and turned seven yesterday. I told her that she could not get any older and that she had to promise to do so. Her reply was, "I promise not to get any older until next April 24th." I guess I will take what I can get.
We decided that it would be fun to have a big "Cinderella" birthday party this year for her. Looking back, I am rethinking that idea. The celebration was at Pizza Hut, we love that we could leave the mess there. Our list of possible children to invite started with about six. She toiled over which six kids she wanted to invite. We got to a point that she couldn't decide so her brilliant daddy said she could invite two more. It ended up that she invited nine plus her and her sister. What a wild party with eleven.
I really believed I had thought of all the details of this entire affair: 6:00 dinner (we pre-ordered the pizza), 6:30 cupcakes, 7:00 presents and then 7:30 they would be picked up to go home. Sounded like a strategy to me. I even put together a little booklet of games that they could do at the party. At 6:15 they were pretty much done eating. Obviously these children do not eat at a snail's pace as mine do. By 7:00 the party was done and children where underneath the tables, striking each other with magical wands turning them into frogs and roaming around the restaurant. My dearest husband gently asked me, "So are you out of stuff to do?" Ugh! Thankfully, one of my daughter's gifts was this giant Disney coloring book and I was able to save the day by ripping out pages for them to color. Thank goodness that it would probably take a year to color one page. Suggestion to all you mommy's out there….bring more stuff to do than you think you need (trust me you will be glad you did) or better yet go to Chuckie- Cheese. I wish we had one of those fine establishments here.
My sister was there and was fabulous. My husband was very helpful. I am so thankful that they were there to help or I almost certainly would have pulled out my hair. The party did turn out wonderful and my oldest said she had a great time. I told John she wasn't going to have another party like that for awhile; but I am sure I will forget that next year.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It always amazes me how my girls are so much like my sister and I. Actually, I find it funny how this was and is for most siblings. I remember the torture I use to inflict upon my poor darling sister. Things like holding my finger millimeters away from her and Jen yelling, "MOM, Christina is touching me!" Then I would reply in a sassy tone, "NO, I am not." We would fight all the time in the car and I remember my dad saying, "Do you want me to pull over this car and spank your butt?!" Well, of course no one wants that. Needlessly to say, last night I heard something strangely familiar in the back seat of our car. It went something like this...
Hey, give me my picture back!
No, I am looking at it!
Well, if you don't give it back I am going to look out YOUR window!
No, don't do that look out your own window!
If you don't give me my picture back then I am going to look out your window FOREVER!
Then my 4 year old replied, "If you look out my window forever then your neck will hurt!"
John and I just started's true if she looked out that window forever then her neck would hurt.
You gotta love siblings. Hey, Jen I love you and don't look out my window!

Monday, February 26, 2007
Little girls and Luke 21

Last night we read from our little devotional Bible with our girls, it went like this...
Luke 21
This woman (there was a nice picture to the right to go along with the story just in case you were wondering) is giving all the money she has to God's house. She is thankful for everything God has given her. She loves God and knows He will take care of her. God wants us to be thankful for all he has given us. What can you thank God for giving you?
So in "Top Ten" format here is what my 4 & 6 year old girls came up with.
10. House (I was proud of this one, simply because it wasn't Barbie and the Magic of the Rainbow, it was deep and not superficial)
9. Food (Once again proud of the response)
8. Widows for our house. (Okay very random, but I can see the need for such things... since we were having a nice ice storm during our devotions. I don't want ice in my house.)
7. Animals ( Yes, animals are a good thing to be thankful for. I like to eat some of them. I didn't tell them that and a good thing considering what came next.)
6. Pets (See I told you it was a good thing I didn't tell them the previous.)
5. Swimming pools (What?! We don't own a swimming pool ...well wait, we do. It's a 4ft round above ground and about a 1 1/2 ft. deep. Very cold it is...cold indeed. It does provided great entertainment for a 4 & 6 year old. However, I don't think she was talking about that pool. I think she was talking more along the lines of Zhenders Splash Park in Frankenmuth. Now that is a pool, my friends)
4. Lamp (My four year old just got this fabulous lamp from Grandpa and Grandma M. It is unlike any lamp I ever owned in my life. It is a Tinker Bell lamp. It plays music and Tinker bell spins around when you turn it off and on. If I was a four year old and got a cool lamp like that ...I be thankful too!)
3. Barbies ( I knew it was coming)
2. Here is where I was hoping for something great like mommy and daddy, grandparents, church, God or something; but it never came. However, that is okay because what came next was priceless...
1. Hermit Crabs (What? LOL)

Here is another great one about my 4 year old.
Last week she graduated to big kids church. What an exciting event in a little girls life. No more nursery (this was a little bitter sweet since the last 6 years my life has been involved with nursery more babies in the Johnson household). Now if you know my daughter there is never a dull moment with her. I was very concerned about how the transition was going to go down. Overall, it went very well except.... during kids church she stood up pointed her finger at the leader and said, "You're really weird." Not once but four times! Oh, and did I mention he is a board member?!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Oh Tanenbaum

So we put up our tree on Monday. It ended up being an all day event, which seems to happen with things like that when you have children.

Side note my oldest got to stay home because she had scarlet fever. Yeah, people died from that, like Beth in Little Women. Anywho....

Back to the tree story! We strung cranberries and popcorn, that ended up being mostly me. The girls gave up after about a foot and a half. We watched "The Polar Express". Then John came home and brought in the fake tree from our garage. So my oldest really helped put up the tree this year. However, when we were separating the limbs she insisted on counting them out in Spanish. As a result, piles of branches got miscounted. She later came to this conclusion on her own and boldly stated, "I guess I should have just counted in English!" I love six year olds. Ok, so I have included pictures, take special note on the first picture how high ALL the ornaments go. LOVE IT! Of course John wanted to leave it exactly like that. But the Martha in me just couldn't do it. Also notice my youngest choice of clothing. I have for some insane lapse of judgment been letting her pick out her clothes and that is what she picked out.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
When PK's show thier true colors!

So here is what happened on Sunday, all you mom's out there will appreciate this. The girls and I went to my parent's church; and they usually sit with us the entire service because they are a little shy and don't want to go to kid's church. All was well until my youngest decided she was hungry. So very loudly she says, "Mommy I am hungry. I want my candy." I told her to be quite church was almost over and we were going out to eat. She then proceeded to talk very loudly and repetitively, "Mommy I want candy. I am hungry". So like all good mothers, I marched her right out of the sanctuary with her saying, "NO MOMMY". Then begins my horrific nightmare, we went to the foyer and now she is crying very dramatically and I think she may have had a bullhorn at this point (I didn't see it but she must have had one). I then carried her downstairs to the young adult classroom. (They have couches so I thought that might be a good place, but really in light of the matter a place with a straight jacket might have been more appropriate) There I told her of her impending doom. She received some Proverbs 13:24 punishment when I really felt more like giving her Proverbs 23:14 punishment. I then told her she was then going to sit in time out. I think it was I who really needed a time out. Then with the most defiant voice she looked me straight in the eye and said no several times and then got up. Then it was like all the rage in me came pouring out. I told her she would sit in time out even if I had to hold her there. She said "NO". I said "Yes" picked her up and put her on my lap. Then it was like the battle of the wills, she then cried harder and then began kicking me. If things couldn't get worse…they did. My mother comes down and says they can all hear her in the sanctuary. She said, "They want her in pastor's office." In my mind, I was thinking," You have got to be joking." I came out with her in my arms, mind you she is still screaming, and there is my dad, an usher, and some other mother. Ok… this is where I break and try to hold back the tears. As gracefully as I can with a screaming child we go in the office. To make a long story short, She stops crying, she sits in time out, she gets grounded, she cries again, we have to go out and sit in my fathers van, she cries to almost barfing, we don't go out to eat (that ticked me off cause I wanted some yummy food therapy by then), we went home, not to mention some advice from caring church members along the way (one of my favorites, give her a doughnut that will shut her up).

The next day I give her the item from which she was grounded. We went over the things she did wrong and how she should have responded. She sighed like life was so tough. I asked her, "Is it hard to be three?" She said, "Yes!" I then asked her, "Why is it so hard?" Her answer was the following and I will end this nightmare with it, "Mommy, I just don't know what big girls do." Ain't that the truth!

Friday, October 06, 2006
Yankee Doodle

So here is the song my 1st grader brought home today. Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a heater. Turned it up to 64 and then he burnt his wiener. What concerns me the most is John said, "64 is not hot enough to burn his wiener". Now for all you concerned adults we did talk about how she should not sing that song even though everyone else was singing it. But really John the temp. was not the problem. Hahahahahaha! (side note...he didn't make that remark to our daughter. He made it when we were telling Pastor Brad.) So I thought I blog about this story. Thought you all might get a kick out of it. Oh, words of advice boys, don't sit on a heater.

Thursday, September 07, 2006
Ugh...1st grade!

My oldest started first grade this week. I believe it is harder for me than her. She loves growing up. I reminded her that she broke her promise to me that she would never grow up. We decided that it can't be stopped. UGH! On Tuesday, at dinner we heard every detail. I believe she talked for an hour non-stop. Everything from carpet time to who she played with at first recess, her new desk, who she sat by at lunch, the fact that she didn't have her gym shoes for gym(because I was for sure she wouldn't have gym the first day of school...ha), to every detail of a story that her teacher read. I think she took a breath in that's a little vague. So the question for you, do you remember having snack time in first grade? I dont think we did, neither does John. I think we were robbed of that precious refueling.

Thursday, May 25, 2006
Girls Prayer

My daughters prayers tonight...

My youngest,

Dear Jesus, Thank you for my mommy, daddy, sissy and me. Thank you for the water balloons and the waterslide. (They played in the water yesterday at their friends house) Amen!

My oldest,

Dear Jesus, Thank you for my mommy, daddy, sissy and me. And You know that thing sissy prayed for... it wasn't a waterslide it was a slip-in-slide. Amen!

I love how she thought she needed to inform God about sissy's faux pas.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My three year old has decided to become a nudist. Seriously, the last two days as soon as her pajamas come off she scurries about singing. "I love to be naked." I am troubled. Hummmm

Friday, March 03, 2006
I am a daisy!

Yesterday, I helped at my daughter's school. The children had a time where they could share something with the rest of the class. Most of the kids shared about vacations, things they have done with their parents, or exciting news. It was my daughters turn, and I thought to myself, "What is she going to say?" She went up and in the sweetest voice started to sing. " I am a daisy and I will be happy. I will be good and helpful too. As I do right then all those around me, Jesus can see You. Shine my light. Shine my light. See the things I do. Shine my light. Shine my light I'll be a light for YOU." Wow, how proud I am to get to be her mom.

Saturday, February 25, 2006
The Girls Favorite Bible Stories

We were putting the girls to bed last night. We asked them what their favorite Bible story was. Our oldest spoke up and said that she liked the story about the man with spots. The story she is referring to is the story of Naaman which is found in 2 Kings 5. She likes that he has to wash in the pool seven times to be healed of his leprosy. We then asked our youngest what was her favorite, she said, "When God made berries!" "Cause I like berries", she said. Intrigued by this, we asked her, "Why else did she like that story?" She replied, " When He made the bananas, ...and gapes,... and apples. I like it when God made all the food that He wanted to eat. " Okay, you must have figured it out by now that my daughter has a passion for food.

Friday, February 17, 2006
Happy Birthday-funny story!

Well, both of my daughters got up very early this morning (they did not have school) because they were too excited about my youngest turning three. Happy Birthday, little one! I love you!

Here is a funny conversation my oldest had with my mother. They were talking about teeth and why we loose our baby teeth (her's are loose, which she is very excited about).

My mom asked, "Why do you think God made it so we would loose our baby teeth?"

She replied, "That's the way God made us"

Then she said, "When God makes you alive again, you can ask Him."

She then told my mom, " You will get to go there first!" (Happy 60th mom)

Then she said, "Well, maybe great grandmother and great grandfather will go there first." (Well then I guess you got some time mom)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
My Little Fairy

My blog is dedicated to my little one who is having a birthday this week(Tinker Bell is the theme).

Well my sister bought my daughter a fairy costume to play in for her birthday. Thanks Jen, she has been wearing it for the last three days. I am gonna have to wash it, because just about every meal is on it. She wants to wear it tomorrow too. She wore it to church last Sunday. Yes, folks I let my daughter prance around our church in her fairy wings and toe shoes. I am sure God had a chuckle about that one. I don't know what our people will think about it though if she shows up in it tomorrow. They may begin to question my parenting skills. Well my sweet fairy we shall see what the day shall bring, wings or no wings.

Happy Birthday Dear!

February 5th 2006
A Great Booger Story,

Today, on the way to church my two year old said,"MOMMY, I got a booger!"

I said, "So...what about it?"

She replied, "Mommy, get it out"

I said, "You get it."

She said, " I can't it's stuck".

I asked, "Where is it stuck?"

She then replied, "It is stuck in my mouth, I can't get. You get it for me."

So needless to say I had to scrap the half eaten booger off the back of her front teeth. I LOVE BEING A MOM.

Moral- If your gonna eat your boogers make sure you don't get them stuck in your teeth.

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