Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Story About Girl & a Boy and Their New Kitchen! Part 7

Okay, it is official this kitchen remodeling is kicking my butt! (can a pastor's wife say that???Yikes!) I am so tired that I am yawning every minute. Wow, I can't remember doing so much work in my life.
Last night, we took out some more wall and prep the wall for today's drywalling. Some wonderful people, Bob W. and his wife Diane, (a BIG Thanks to them too) came over and helped us put up the new drywall and told me how to do the mudding. Yes, I am doing the mudding....Yikes!

Notice the TV? Of course we had to have basketball games going during work. I personally thought I should be able to watch a chick flick; but March Madness only happens once a year right?????

Later tonight, I am gonna start packing up the living room so we can put in our new floor next week. My new floor came in today and is sitting in my living room, Yeah!

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