Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ship Ahoy!

So yeah, it is pinewood derby time around the Johnson household. And this year's may be the pinnacle of my car making career. I may even have out done my 1st place car of last year in design. But...will it even be considered a car...because it actually is a boat? Well, considering last years was not a car either we should be fine.
This year I actually got brave and cut out my own car and the girl's cars. I was so scared that I would cut off one of my fingers. I didn't...or there would be a whole other blog about that and I would probabl t pe like t is. hehehe Here is a picture of my car/boat without the sail. Oh, I have to admit I had help building the mast.

The sail folds down so it can race. I don't expect to do well in speed...I expect to come in last. I don't care is all about the creativity for me.
My first car is the inspiration for the sail. The boats name is MPACT! Which is the name of our girls ministries group and who is participating in the derby along with the Royal Rangers. John thought the name was funny for a boat though because you would not want someone to run into it. I agree...I worked to hard on this bad boy!

Here it is, the body all all it needs are the wheels. It will be interesting to see what it does next Saturday!

Loving it!

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