Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1st Place!!!!

Okay, here is where I don't listen to a thing I write. I have to brag a little. I finally won first place for design at our churchs' pine wood derby. I have tried for three long years. 2006 My first car was a bug, for which I won 1st place in speed. Sadly, I was dissapointed in this because I was trying for 1st in design. Pathetic, I know.

The next year, I tried really hard and pulled out all the stops. I made an ice cream truck. I even bought a button that played music. What was great about this car is when it hit the end of the track it flipped and nearly took out all the other cars. It was one great Ice cream truck. Didn't even place. It was a sad day for me. So sad I took a year off. Pathetic, I know.

This year I came back with a vengance. I decided to pull at their heart strings. Because surely no one could vote against a baby. Thanks, Mary for this brilliant idea! This year I did my son in a carseat. Way to exploit my poor child. But, "IT WORKED" and I would do it again. Pathetic, I know.

So, My husband does not care for the derby and does as little as possible to participate. This year he did a door stop. He even jammed it under some doors to see if it worked. The morning of the race, he slapped some wheels and weights on it; and called it good. He came in third for speed. What? All you hardworking pinewood derby car makers are thinking. What?!!!!

My daughters did a ladybug and a tribute to "Barbie and the Diamond Castle" All in all, it was one great day. Maybe, a day to go down in the Johnson's History Books. Yay, for ME! Pathetic, I know!


  1. SO COOL! I love your baby carrier and seriously, the door wedge is definately your husband. :)

  2. You are SO creative. I have never seen such great cars.

    ALTHOUGH I confess... I thought your son in a carseat was baby Jesus in the manger. LOL


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