Thursday, March 12, 2009

Proverbs 12 "DON'T BE STUPID"

Stupid Is, as Stupid Does" This VERY SMART saying from Forest Gump might be appropriate here. Verse one made me laugh today.

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,

But he who hates correction is Stupid. (NIV)

Who loves correction...NOT ME! When I was little and I knew dad was gonna come home and I knew I was in BIG trouble and I knew a spanking was on it's way; I would get prepared. Anything that I could use to "soften" the blow would get shoved in the back of my pants. One time I even tried to get away with a book in there. We even got to a point where I offered to spank myself. You may think this is crazy; but it was sheer genius to me. I would spank myself hard enough to hurt, but definitely not as hard as my dad. Looking back, all the spanking stories are hilarious; even though the build up to it was worse than the actually event itself. My dad was brilliant that way. LOL

Here in verse one, I am told if I hate correction I am "Stupid". Well, I will have to choke that one down. I know that correction is for my good; but I have to say, "I do not love it". What is the Lord trying to get at here? I think He is trying to say, that I need to. Yikes!

As Christians, we need to allow ourselves to always be changeable. Of course not in sound doctrine; but, when we are shown that we are incorrect we need to let go of our foolish pride. So we do not do "Stupid". (my girls would be like,"Oh, you just said the "S" word. Yeah they are not allowed to call people stupid)

Proverbs 12 then gives us a list of wonderful ways we can avoid stupidity...

Don't be crafty vs.2 (Not crafty like Hobby Lobby crafty, oh Lord help me if thats what it means)

Don't be wicked vs. 3,7,10,12,20,21

Don't be disgraceful vs. 4

Don't listen to the advice of other stupid people hehehehe vs. 5

Guard your words vs. 6,13,14,18,23

Don't have a warped mind vs. 8

Don't be somebody you are not vs.9

Don't be lazy vs.11,24,27

Don't ignore good advice from non stupid people hehehehe vs.15

Watch your attitude vs.16

Don't lie vs. 17,22

Don't be anxious vs.25

Watch out for bad friendships vs.26

Oh, I know people do not like list of what they should not do. But, sometimes we all need that spiritual kick in the pants. Why? So, that we do not become stupid! Proverbs 12 ends like this...

28 In the way of righteousness there is life;

along that (stupid) path is immortality.

I will not be stupid, I will learn to love correction and then I will...

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