Thursday, March 5, 2009

Proverbs 5 "No Silence"

Well, to be honest I was not excited to write about this proverb. I did was not thrilled to discuss adultery. At first, I was like…”This passage is not going to speak to me!” “I am not having this problem in my life.” As Christians, it is funny how often we may do that. Time and time again when I let God direct me, He shows me something I never thought of before.

Then God reminded me of something from yesterday…

Here we have Solomon instructing his son to keep away from this type of sin. In Proverbs 4 I wrote about as a mom I need to direct my own children towards the path of life. To teach them, I must not be afraid to talk about the tough topics such as adultery. Of course they are young right now and it would not be appropriate topic. When they are older I should instruct them not only about a Godly marriage; but also how to protect that marriage God put together.

How many marriages might be saved if our parents talked so freely about every aspect of it and how to guard that marriage. I grew up in a home where you did not talk about sex, details of marriage, problems that can happen in a marriage or how to deal with those issues. All I learned is from what I saw. From a child’s perspective things can be interpreted very differently then what things really are. All I could do was put bits and pieces together and my parents probably figured I would figure out all the rest.

It is like a light bulb moment now! God does not want us to remain silent about issues with our children. He is not silent with us. His Word is not afraid to deal with the tough topics or the ones we would rather not talk about. Here in Proverbs 5 we see an example of Solomon teaching his son to run from adultery.

In the Family Bible notes I read this and it is good. “When we are tempted to sinful indulgence, we should consider well its consequences. It is a sad exchange to give property, health, character, peace of conscience, the favor of God, and everlasting life, for a little momentary pleasure. How true this statement is and what a great truth we need to teach our children.

There is nothing hidden from God, nothing is kept secret. So, why should I ever be silent on any topic with my children? I leave with this verse from Proverbs 5

21 For the ways of man are before the eyes of Jehovah; And he maketh level all his paths.

Get Joy!

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  1. I love how you looked at that! We do need to be more open with each other in the church about adultery but also with our children! As they grow, we need to not only model healthy marriage but teach them with our words about God's plan for marriage. Great word!


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