Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Story About Girl & a Boy and Their New Kitchen! Part 1

Well my hubby and I are about to embark on one of the craziest ideas we have yet, in my opinion. We are going to redo our kitchen. The crazy part is that we have no idea whatsoever on how to do it and we are trying to do it the cheapest way possible. But our kitchen is in need of some desperate repairs and if you start one repair it inevitably leads to apparently in our home redoing the whole thing.

And if you know me and my not-so-handy dandy hubby there are definitely going to be a lot of funny stories coming out of this project. So instead of keeping them to myself of course I am going to blog to the whole wide world our adventures or maybe I should say misadventures.

I told John the other day, if we can make it through this and not need serious counseling afterwards than we just might make it until death us do part...even if that death comes later rather than sooner LOL. John and I would like to call ourselves wonderful discussers (is that a word). We discuss things to death because we are both a little bit on the stubborn side believe it or not. So, we are going to use this remodel as a time of practicing patience, humility, love, respect and keeping our mouths shut when irritated. I let you know how well it goes. LOL

Here is the before pictures....

See the terrible phone on the wall ....I think I am going to sneak it into the garage sale box....shhhhhhh don't tell John. He got it in High School and seems to be attached to it for some reason. Funny side note, it is a bank at the bottom but we lost the key and there is money in it so I will have to brush up on my lock picking skills.
I have a portable dishwasher that I a thrilled to be announcing, "It is going to the garage to be sold". It has been a good dishwasher to me...many back breaking washes have been avoided due to its kind service. Good bye old friend....Good bye.
So believe it or not....can you guess what my cupboards are made of? Not oak...not maple... not formica....nope but the obvious choice for cupboards ....Plastic! It is true...I almost did not believe it myself. Anybody interested? They will be found for sale at my garage sale; however, I have a bad feeling I may have to put FREE on these bad boys. LOL

Now here is the reason for the repairs see what has happened to my floor! I would like to personally thank my dog, Eowyn, for this creation. She leaves it alone now but before her training these are some of the kind of things my demon possessed dog did (read about her here). Well, on the bright side...I am getting a new maybe thanks are in order?...nope.

Here is one of my drawings for my new kitchen. I have hired myself for the interior decorator. It doesn't pay much; but I think I will do a good job.

Now my new kitchen design is revolved around a collection of mine. I collect antique Jadeite. Jadeite is a green milk glass type. Here is a picture of one of my favorite plates.

We are going to do this a cheaply as possible remember?! So John and I are going to keep track of what we spend. I will upload pictures as we go and at the end I will let you know how much we spent at the end of the project. Fun! I am so excited and a little overwhelmed at the same time. Pray that this job doesn't kill me. hahahahaha

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